Posted: April 14, 2010 in Life Musings
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I know I said I’d talk about OTD stuff, but frankly I’m not in the mood. I’m sort of in a very rebellious state these days. Truth is that’s not being fair to myself. I’m not at all rebellious. I’m just expressing my love for culture. Nice things. The beauty of life. Taking a girl for a late night dinner by the water, enjoying some fish and imported wine. It pains me greatly to know that never will I have the chance to be a young highschool boy discovering his first love and the excitement of going of to prom with the girl you finally gathered up the courage to ask out.

I’m sitting in downtown Manahattan penning my thoughts while listening to country music and the words of my old friends from my yeshiva days float to my conscious thinking. ” A God fearing Jew should know better”. I wholeheartedly agree to those words. Except for two things. That statement was constantly drilled into us in reference to things like getting up to daven in the morning on time or not looking at the covers of People and Star magazines while in line at the local supermarket. No feasting your eyes on what every guy spends most his waking moments thinking about to some degree or another. Supress normal emotions. I’d like to say that statement to people who aren’t honest, or people who step all over others. not to teenage guys looking at Angelina. Seriously.

The other problem I have with the statement is why only God fearing Jews and stuff? Why isn’t that demanded because we should all be good decent people? Why bring Jews in the picture. Then God fearing part- shouldn’t we be good people because – well we should be?

Either way as I had been saying, I really appreciate those things which the standard yeshiva or ex yeshiva guy looks at with some level of “thats all bullshit.” The beauty of taking a girl to some street fair in some random town buying some Italian Ices watching the sunset and stopping to kiss in middle of Main Street (think Brad paisleys American Saturday Night) is something most guys rebelling lose. Partying is awesome of course, but there are other things too.

And please, parents let your kids live. I mean it.

I mean shouldn’t everyone be allowed to follow their heart? Say a kid wants to be an actor, a model, a musician, writer, TV producer or professional swimmer, how dare parents supress that? Okay so there are obvious and not so obvious negative results in each path. Whether or not all actors and athletes are happy or not isn’y the point. Even if they aren’t, life’s about learning from your mistakes. Is it better that someone should supress a passion, and always wonder what ould have been had he pursued it?

Ok so heres the note to rebels. In order to rebel properly, you gotta actually join the culture out there, not form your own subculture based on what you took from yeshiva, albeit unknowingly. Not everything is ‘gay’. Can’t quite explain that one but if you get it, great. Join the culture. NYC is a great place. There are great spots all over. Some of the best wine tasting bars out there are here under our noses. And no, its not gay to go wine tasting. So stfu.


  1. “Shouldn’t everyone be allowed to follow their heart?”

    Of course not. In fact, no one should be allowed to just follow their heart.
    Your emotions when not formed and cultivated by the intellect, are incredibly stupid.

  2. dave green says:

    if u follow ur heart ul b like an animal spend 1rst 25 yrs runnin after girls second tryin to make$ next tryin 2 spend it will never b satisfied

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