Posted: July 19, 2010 in Brainwashing, Life Musings, Religion
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Dear Sister,

We have a cousin living in Israel. Really small girl, 5’1″ maybe 5’2″ and very slight. 21 years old, married for a year. Grew up on the West Coast.  Her husband learns and either she works or they’re supported by his/her parents; money is no issue. Probably a mixture of the two.

She started having seizures a few hours after giving birth. We received an email saying we should pray for her. The situation wasn’t looking up and they added a name in the morning. Her life was hanging on by a thread.

Friday night I went to a party here in the city. Sitting in a pub beforehand eating dinner I receive a text from you, asking where I was eating the meal that night. I wasn’t in the mood of engaging in a philosophical debate with you, my narrow minded sister, while in an Irish pub. I wanted to tell you that no time was a good time to be the object of your mission to make me religious. So I told you I was eating with friends.

You asked about the food, was it kosher. I said I hadn’t asked. And no, I don’t like lying but you seem to think you’re the Grand Inquisition Inc.

And then you stepped over the line. Her text read:

“Wonderful. Scoring points w/the big One. sorry that ur cousins life suddenly hanging by the thread in matter of minutes earlier this wk wasnt enough to prove that there Someone running the world. But i’ll stop waxing philosophical cuz i better shut phone since I for one AM ‘doing shab and kosher!’ enjoy!”

After telling you you’re  far too quick to judge you responded:

You’re right. I shouldn’t judge and I have a way to go myself. But stop pretending you come from a diff background than me!!

How dare you.

The fucking audacity to insinuate I was completely unshaken by what had happened.  As if the natural and only response to near tragedy is to become more religious. So dear sister, get off your goddamn high horse.

You ‘for one’, can react to events out of our control by completing Tehillim (Psalms) every day, be more holy than everyone else, eat your kosher Challah, Gefilte fish and chicken soup lisheim shamayim (for the sake of heaven) and resolve to never forget to say the evening shema. I’ll react in my own, private way. It may not include anything you’d respect, but it isn’t me who has to earn your respect. Sister.

  1. Jacob Stein says:

    My question would be, if you are an atheist, then you believe that a human being is merely a worthless, soulless bag of chemicals. If that is the case, why should anyone’s illness upset you?

    • A) I’m not an atheist. I believe in God. I just don’t claim to know whaty he wants from us besides being good people.
      B) Say I were an atheist – I wouldn’t think humans are worthless bags of chemicals!! People have an innate value which isn’t at all tied in to the way you believe they were created/evolved.

      I don’t want to call your comment slightly dimwitted, but…wtf!?

      • km says:

        kissme – avoid answering Jacob Stein (AKA Jewish Philosopher) at all. He is a known troll. He has harassed others he disagrees with (by calling them and and their parents).

        just in case you didn’t know already

        feel free to delete this comment 😉

    • David says:


      Someone who does not believe in a specific creator is not thereby deprived of the usual emotional attachments that are commonly found in most humans. Someone who does not share your specific collection of views about a specific creator is not thereby rendered devoid of any sense of morality or respect for his or her fellow human beings. It’s fine to debate issues and views with people, but, until you get past the notion that everyone secretly agrees with you and only pretends not to in order to pursue a dissolute lifestyle, you’re going to accomplish very little besides making a complete ass of yourself.

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