Shidduch Mating, Reinventing Skype, and Hefner’s Girlfriends

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Brainwashing, Religion
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So much for the age gap being the source of “The Shidduch Crisis.” He’s done more for the crisis than anyone. It’s called having multiple girlfriends. This way no one gets left out. Just make sure both girls know about the other one. Otherwise it can get messy.

There a website that’s kind of an online dating service for yeshivish people, but they’ve got some crazy stuff in their about page.

Here’s what I would love to write to them:

Hey, it’s an awesome service you guys are providing. I mean, I get it. Ad sense is powerful. But you’re feeding into a community that’s very, very sick. “We do not post open pictures or inappropriate articles; there is no chat or direct emailing between singles; and we are very careful about maintaining the privacy and dignity of every single on our database.”

Damn! And you guys complain about a shidduch crisis. No shit! Guys, get with the program, welcome to 2010. And no, God doesn’t give a shit if a guy so much as LOOKS  at a girl. And if you think he does….well consider yourself sick too.


Former member of the cult called Yeshivish Judaism.

Tho these guys are seriously fucked up.

“There’s no internet here…and this way its Kosher, al pi taharas hkodesh (according to the pure and holy path) ….(in response to why skype won’t work) you’re going to be in front of your computer, you can go onsite, and look at any www site(GASP!)

that’s all you can do there’s no Chashah (worry) of anything…”

Jesus. Christ. Imagine that. Someone might actually log onto facebook or watch some porn…or the worst of all…YouTube!

So these guys have created video conferencing, or seem to think they have, in order to avoid having young prospective mates drive out unnecessarily for miles to meet up. This way they can meet online, and decide if they want to meet in person. Talk about awkward. It kind of tops off what was already an awkward mating system. It sure isn’t dating.

After seeing this video, I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or vomit. Or maybe all 3. It’s both tragic and funny (as in laugh-at, not laugh-with). Does anyone else find this even remotely the work of sane people?

…and of course the opening was covered by the local blog/paper/news service (?) .

  1. Lol this video is hilarious! They’re all a goggle about a frikkin VIDEO CONFERENCE!

  2. sbirny says:

    I’m trying to get this straight. Guys have to arrange an appointment online but they aren’t afraid guys’ll going to surf porn then?!

    Goes to show how silly ppl can be.

    Plus anyone who knows computers, knows there are ways to let ppl just be able to use skype and not the internet….

    (p.s. i can’t wait for some guy with a bit of humor to whip his dick out…)

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