Hey Sexual!

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Sex
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I’d like to introduce a new word. Sexual. What?

Ever see a girl and tell her how sexy she looks? Or see a car and call it sexy? Well from now on the word is sexual. As in ” Geez babe you lookin sexual!” Or “yo, check out that car, it’s madd sexual!” Somehow it has more snap. Or more of whatever it’s supposed to have.

On the other hand it’s also a bit pervy so careful how you use it and to whom you say it. And by pervy I mean you could sound like you wanna be humpin right now. Which of course is the way most of us think, but you’re not supposed to SAY it.

See there’s a fine line between being in touch with our base perverse selves, and being socially acceptable. PETA barely makes the latter while some of my friends are too in touch with themselves. Well, not so much in TOUCH with THEMSELVES, ( or is that in touch WITH themselves…?) but ya get my drift.

On another note, nothing is more satisfying than saying FUCK YOU to someone who doesn’t REALLY deserve it. Kind of when someone takes a stab at you, instead of responding with something clever or sexual you can just say FUCK you…but of course with your super sexual smile. Otherwise noone will be FUCKING you.

Bye. And yes, I am against all forms of sexual harassment, rape or otherwise violent or perverted actions. So stop hating.

  1. YR says:

    I don’t get it. What do you gain by using “sexual” as opposed to “sexy”?

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