Religion: Dulling Human Creativity

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Brainwashing
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I think one of my biggest issues with the Yeshivish world, and in part the religious world in general, is they love suppressing independent thought and creativity.

I walked into my family’s Sukka the other day for dinner. My 4 year old nephew looks at me, and exclaims “Hey why you not wearing Shabbos clothes?!” I understand my sister wants to instill certain values in her children, but isn’t there a right way to do that? If the child will assume their way is the only way and anyone else is the different one, isn’t that wrong?

I understand she wants her child to believe firmly in the values she holds so true and important, but can’t we save the “musts and must nots” for things more important than the clothes you prefer your child to wear on Chol Hamoed??

I find it scary that her 4 year old child is that narrow minded. In fact I hadn’t thought children that young could be narrow minded.

Sitting in a recent computer class I noticed how the the many of the Yeshivish students could barely use the most basic functions of Word. Their was one Chassidish guy who didn’t know how to highlight a word! After all, why would they ever be interested in computers?? Learning is what’s important and that’s it!

Ever notice how an absurd amount of Frum people work in Accounting, Real Estate, or nursing homes? That’s because they aren’t interested in a particular field. They aren’t interested in anything in particular. That’s kinda scary too.

Thankfully I find myself very strongly interested in a number of fields, yet i still harbor resentment towards my parents, for had things been different growing up I probably would have been alot further along the path I am pursuing. But can’t live in the past can I?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the idea of the post but the example of the 4 year old doesn’t reflect your point. Children think that way, they are constantly dividing things into pairs and parts and taking an all or nothing approach, it’s easier for them to understand the world that way. No matter where or how you raise children they will always assume certain things to be done by everyone while every adult will know it to be false.
    Point being, your sister didn’t necessarily teach your nephew that you’re supposed to wear shabbos clothes on sukkos, he may have simply assumed it because of his observations.

  2. dave says:

    i agree with the above and ur rigt a 4 yr old portobolo mushroom cant be narrow minded he has no mind of his own

  3. bob says:

    kid is 4 freakin years old!! his mind is not developed enough to diffrentiate. i assure you that the 4 year old of the most open-minded, yuppy or whatever couple will look at a hasidic person strangely. is he narow minded? gimme a break.
    the fact that it even caught your attention shows an insecurity on your part, or perhaps a desire to find fault in any way you can. not at all objective. who the hell you scared of???

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