Introducing the Foreskins!

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Religion
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I don't wanna know where their other hands are...

My friend started a new band called “The Foreskins” and figured I’d give you guys a sneak peak to the song titles of his new album “Pedophile in The Shteeble”. The titles came (!) to him when in a flash of sheer genius he blurted these out. As they say, there isn’t a genius without a “touch” of madness…pun intended. :p

1. Stroke the Beard

2. Chap the Rebbe’s Tish (Under the Rebbe’s Tish?)

3. Mikva Tance

4. Under the Bekeshe

5. Shake My Lulav

6.Tzvai Kreplach

7. Touched By A Rabbi

8. Matzah Ball Sandwich

9. Foreskin Gemach

10. Gay Shlufen

11. Placenta Inda Cholent

12. Blow My Shofer

  1. yeshiva guy says:

    the name of the band is stolen from How I Met your Mother

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