Sex Tapes Make You Famous, So Follow Your Dreams

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Life Musings
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People ask me why I’m training to be an actor. “Why am I interested?” is the question I get most often. The answer is simple. I like acting. I like having to get into an emotional state of mind that the lines call me to. I feel free from the constraints of the problems and issues I face in my own daily life while I throw myself into the mind of my character. And at the end I feel exhilarated, exhausted and happy.

But there are other reasons too. Firstly, its a way to incorporate a lifestyle into a career. Too many people I know are so caught up in making that last dollar, removing the last violation on their property, closing another deal, negotiating another contract, trading another stock, that they don’t have time to live.

For those who enjoy that, it’s a whole other ballpark. But many in those fields are in it just for the money. Somehow to be an actor opens up a world of other possibilities. There’s acting itself, which isn’t looked at like a chore by ANYONE in the business, otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen it. Then there’s also the events surrounding the profession. Obviously each stage of ones career has its own events, but even for a group of actors writing their own plays and producing them off-off Broadway, as I had a few friends do, there’s the promotion events, celebrations thrown by friends and family at every step of the way, post production parties. The list goes on. Just meeting up for dinner with a few actor friends and talking about possibilities for their next venture, or opportunities they haven’t yet employed as far as making connections or getting their name out there all become social events necessary to survive as an actor. Obviously as one advances, and begins acting for major networks, or moves past no-budget films, there are the screenings, premieres and the like. Similar in a way to someone raising investment capital who is always meeting others for business purposes, but unless the person doing business enjoys his profession, it will likely take over his life instead of being what life was about for him all along.

Another reason: I have always loved the spotlight. Stuck up? Maybe, but I’d love the recognition. Shallow I know. I’m just being honest.

And then there’s the potential money of course. I’d very much like to make my money as a professional, not as a business man. I’d like to do my thing, and get paid for it. Once I do my thing often enough, more opportunities come one’s way, and before you know it you can “accidentally” release a sex tape and become a national celebrity. Or maybe that’s only after you achieve celebrity status. Either way I’m not a girl, so sex tapes are out. Next.

But in all seriousness, I see my boss, a rich business man, and all he owns is a house and minivan. If I had the amount of money he had I’d own a yacht and 2 very nice homes on the coasts, for starters. I’d understand if he simpky weren’t interested in those things. But he’s gotta be interested in something. He’s the most boring person I’ve met, and everyone seems to have the same opinion of him. He has no interests. At all. What about it makes him like that? Is it religion? I’d venture to say so, feel free to disagree. I heard from an Israeli Chiloni coworker and his very not religious, very never was religious American girlfriend, that all the Big Boss talks about by his Shabbos meal is technical issues he has with the city in regards to his business. I mean, if you’re going to be boring because of your religion, at least be an extremist in regards to not speaking about business matters on Shabbos….just sayin’.

I have a friend who told me that “When I was a kid I begged my parents to let me go to acting school for classes but they didn’t let for Jewish reasons. But they said that I would be miserable.” That’s part of the reason I hate religion, they supress anything creative. ANYTHING. If I would’ve been a regular kid I would’ve  been a child actor. But I grew up without exposure to movies so barely knew what an actor was. From the moment I watched my first movie at a late age, my passion to get on camera grew. But life goes on, and I’ll do my best from here on out.

One thing I noticed is that religious people are very skeptical of my plans. Because their vision has been hammered and hammered narrower and narrower until we have religious girls whose life ambition is to support a husband in Kollel, work at an office job for 15 yrs getting $400 a week. I’m talking past college age. 30 year olds making 2k a month  pushing paprers and changing diapers and happy (?) about it. I put the question mark there because it’s hard for me to see that as happiness. I’d say it’s more bliss. Blissfully unaware of the world of opportunities out there. Of course there are challenges, but that’s part of the thrill of pursuing dreams. But many of these people have no ambition, no creativity. Its so hard to find religious people who are well rounded. The ones practicing religion are often closed minded, and the ones who aren’t anymore, only know how to drink and go to hooka bars. Of course there are different types of religious people, and I’m referring mainly to those in the Yeshivish circles or the Brooklyn types. Not to stereo type…

This same friend of mine told me it was tough to just start acting as a kid, because her parents would’ve simply cut her off financially. Personally I’m trying to set myself up financially, so that I wont be left hanging out to dry….and I’m not talking about my balls.

But again, I’ll stress, the main reason is simply because I’m doing what I love, and if not for that, I wouldn’t be involved in it at all.






  1. Esther says:

    I think you are a little arrogant here….you make it sound its easy to become a famous actor. Or that you definitely would have been a child actor if you had grown up secular. News flash: MOST wannabe actors don’t make it. There is a very small percentage of children or adults who actually get the big break, and i’m talking about thousands of young adult who move to Hollywood trying to pursue their dream. It ain’t easy and it certainly ain’t a given. but hey, good luck to you!

  2. YR says:

    I understand where the skepticism comes from: everybody in LA seems to be a struggling wanna-be actor, and there are only a handful of big stars. I think it’s good you have a backup plan.

    On the other hand, why would anyone want to be a working stiff behind a desk for 40 years? You gotta put yourself out there and do what you love. It does take a certain amount of courage, though. I’m glad you have it, as well as self-confidence.

  3. upsidedownferrari says:

    Committing suicide also makes u famous…I’m just saying

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