Post Thanksgiving Blues

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Life Musings
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Some of my thoughts as the weekend progressed.

Friday 9am:

Dinner. Powerful word. Take 15 great friends, lots of booze and good food and that makes for some memorable times. I woke up this morning feeling like I got run over by a truck, when I realized I have to head off to work. Sadly, my boss does not recognize thanksgiving. I guess he’s too religious for it. Or maybe he just doesn’t like turkey. Either way, since I hadn’t actually been run over by a truck,  I guess that meant it was time to drag myself out of bed. There was this very holiday-like feeling in the air. It’s that feeling where you know you shouldn’t be at work/school that day, yet there you are. Oh well.

Monday 12 noon: The day’s progressing, though I really feel like I’m looking at the world through a haze. I’m not feeling too well, I’m in a down mood for a few other reasons, one of them being that my friends sister got into Sundance. She’s still broke and struggling but after 3 years of acting a film she’s starring in may just propel her career upwards. Of course I’m happy for her, but jealous at the same time. I’m only human. So I’m not in the greatest of moods and then I saw my boss. I swear that dude is the most depressing fellow ever. Just seeing him makes me wanna run and hide.

A) He’s religious.  Normally that wouldn’t piss me off to much, but he’s the type that doesn’t give a shit about it, yet does all the external yeshivish crap. And as time goes on I care less about the activities about the religious people around me; sometimes I can sit back and be amused at their silliness like you look at children marveling over the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, but sometimes they just get on my nerves.

B) he’s a multi-millionaire who can’t seem to enjoy it, or understand that others aren’t in his position. The dude actually asked me to lay out money for him the other day. I don’t care how little he asked for, if your paying me as little as you do, and have as much as you do, well what can I say…you’re just a bad person. No, rotten. Time for a new job.

I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and laugh at my current mood but that’s life. We turn around constantly, look at ourselves yesterday and either cry or laugh.


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