Bacon Egg and Cheese With a Side of Gefilte Fish

Posted: December 9, 2010 in food, Religion
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I just got off the phone with my cousin from out of town. He’s very bright, intelligent, and all around awesome. And he is religious. There. I said it.

He asked me why I wasn’t religious. I said it started off as “I don’t give a shit”, but gradually transformed into “It’s complete bullox.” Reason being because it can’t be that God cares about trivial things like bacon and eggs. Or carrying things in your pocket on Saturday. Or not having sex before marriage. Or, or, or. Now of course I’ve thought about the logic of it, and came to the conclusion that indeed so long as you are happy, make others happy- which in turn makes yourself happier- and follow your dreams you’re good. In general, be a good person.

Then he began to ask how I know for sure religion is bullshit. What if he can prove beyond a doubt that it’s true. Let me stress one thing. It’s bullshit! There’s logic, things that aren’t logical and then there’s before you need to think if it is or isn’t logical. It just isn’t.

This topic is over used and cliche, but it keeps coming up. Sorry if I bored you.

That’s how I feel. Hate me if you want. Bye.

Then we had an argument about whether or not its ok for someone who doesn’t believe in religion to use Mom’s meat dishes for milk and vice versa, or use the pan for bacon, when when noone would know the difference. On one hand, you can because if you believe its nonsense, then you aren’t disrespecting them if they don’t know, and you’re certainly not affecting them.

On the other hand, if we’re going to ask those around us to respect the fact that we have a view point which we believe in just as strongly as they believe in theirs, maybe it is hypocritical to not care about the Laws of Kashrus on their dishes. After all that would be saying “I’m right, and you are for sure wrong”, which is exactly what I hate the most about frummies, that they “know” they’re so right,  and anyone who leaves religion is foolish.

So what do you think? Wrong to mix up those dishes (not spitefully, that’s just immature), or keep their laws in their pots.

Oh one last thing: Is this not the most disturbing picture or what?

  1. I’d like to open by saying that I freaking love Gefilte fish and close by saying I think religion is the single worst thing that ever happened to our environment.

    But really, all those wars and conversions and mass genocides. Over what? Effing religion.

    You definitely don’t need religion to have morality either.

    • I fucking love you! Besides for the Gefilte Fish part. “Religion? Yes, let’s do away with it!”

    • rick says:

      its interesting to note that you would be hard-pressed to find “wars and conversions (note: i assume you mean forced) and mass genocides” that were instigated by Judaism or by Jews in the name of Judaism…
      just saying…

    • Phoebsy says:

      I say in their house, respect their rules, even if you don’t agree with them. I think it is all bollocks as well, but since it means something to them and the items and house are theirs, do what they want with respect to their property and do what you want with respect to your own home and goods.

  2. G*3 says:

    Cooking bacon in a frum Jew’s pan is stealing. Your parents allow you to use their dishes and pots, but only because they assume that your not going to damage them. Whether or not there’s any actual damage, she would perceive it as damaged if she knew, and would not agree to let you use the pan for bacon if you asked.

    > Reason being because it can’t be that God cares about trivial things like bacon and eggs. Or carrying things in your pocket on Saturday. Or not having sex before marriage. Or, or, or.

    Really? What makes you think that? Why can’t God be petty if He wants to? And maybe these things aren’t petty. Maybe you just don’t understand why they’re important.

    > Now of course I’ve thought about the logic of it, and came to the conclusion that indeed so long as you are happy, make others happy- which in turn makes yourself happier- and follow your dreams you’re good. In general, be a good person.

    Is this your philosophy of life, what you think God wants, or both? Do you believe that God exists? If so, why assume that He wants the same things you do or sees the same things as good?

    “If horses had gods they’d look like horses” (attributed to Aristotle)

    • Again, all these things are only relevant if there is reason to think otheriwse. Who the hell decided that there should be any issue with certain meats? If you tell me god will punish you for stealing even 1 penny I can understand, it’s something that makes sense, just a bit extreme. Tell me god wants you to jump up ad down, not wear certain materials…well that just is childish.
      Good point about it being stealing their pans.

      • rick says:

        i agree with G*3… how can you know what God wants? how do you know that what you perceive as good is the same as what God sees as good? if you believe in God, i dont think you would be so cocky as to say that you know as much as a perfect, all-knowing Being. like G*3 said, maybe you dont know why these things are important.
        and i would say that cooking bacon in your kitchen IS both hypocrisy and stealing

  3. Puzzled says:

    I wouldn’t say stealing, but it certainly is violating an implicit contract.

  4. dave says:

    dont u dare ill tell ur mom

  5. upsidedownferrari says:

    I’m not sure if you are sayin you don’t believe in god altogether or that you don’t think he cares about silly things. Umm I’m a bit confused about the latter but the more I think about it I realize that since I believe in God it makes sense that he gave guidelines to live by and just because I don’t understand them or they are too hard for me doesn’t mean they don’t exist! I can’t possibly understand Gods decision! Noone can believe in a God and claim to understand everything he does!! It just doesn’t make sense!!
    Lemme know what u think!

  6. jelzmar says:

    Well, I’m a Christian, so obviously we don’t follow those rules anyway. I’m sure that there were reasons for those rule back then when they were created. Like the reason they weren’t supposed to eat pork was, because without the way we control our food today, we would still get sick and die from consuming it. But now we have all these rules about where pigs can live and what they can eat. They have to have shots, and how their meat is processed.

    You could look at the no sex before marriage thing, as a way to control sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, if no one broke that rule along with never cheating, then they would no longer exist.

    I don’t know what all the different rules in Exodus are, because I’ve never had to follow them. But, the way I understood it, was there was a reason for it at the time. That doesn’t mean we need to follow them today. Though with the fish, it would be healthy for us to eat fish at least once a week. That rule was only there, because the community fishermen needed people to buy their fish.

    Also, based on the idea of being kind to those around you. You wouldn’t want to use your parents pans for un kosher food, because that would be doing something that you wouldn’t want done to you. Like would you want someone to borrow your clothes and then the sh*t in them? Even if they cleaned it up and you never knew. Or would you be upset to find out someone had sex in your bed all the time, without your knowledge?

    • I completely agree with the second point, I wanted to see what people thought. I do believe that certain rules were possibly put into place to ensure the health and continuity of a people. For example, making laws that ensure people don’t do work on Saturdaty makes for a relaxing lifestyle. Thing is that was back then, look around today, everyone takes off Saturday anyway, going to the mall and relaxing is far better than restricting people and having them sit in synagogue for a few hours. My point is, measures that had to be taken back then changed, as you pointed out, pork is no longer dangerous.

      Thanks for your comments, it’s great to hear from intelligent people!

  7. Jelzmar you can enjoy eating pork & bacon, but after seeing these videos I’m not so sure you will anymore.

    No says that bacon doesn’t taste good. It probably does, but as an Orthodox Jew I’m simply not permitted by the Torah (which was given to an entire nation of probably over 3 million people, and who all agreed to everything written in it, and passed it on to their children).

    The Torah is Divine wisdom, so I’m not quite sure why you think that you will understand it so quickly? That’s like trying to understand the most advanced computer technology when you have absolutely no clue as to where to even begin?!

    Our brain is nothing in comparison to the infinite wisdom of an infinite being.

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