Drinking and Hangovers: What They Mean to Me

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Life Musings
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This just sums it up about right!

Guest Post by idiedtryin:
There are many different kind of drunks. People who drink for all sorts of reasons. I recently met this girl and she asked me what my plans were for the night, I told her “getting wasted” was number one on my agenda, she said I find that its sad you need alcohol to have fun. I told her back, do you like going to amusement parks? Yes. Would u say that amusement parks are fun? Yes.  My answer then was, I find it sad you need roller coasters to have fun!

Some people drink to take away pain, and not feel anything.  To get that numbness. I drink for sheer fun, and the fun that comes with the drinking. Usually when I drink there are many foggy hazy memories I have when I wake up.

Now my main topic: hangovers. I often hear people complaining about hangovers…how brutal it is and how they can barely function, for me a hangover means one thing: the night was a great success.  I can honestly say that except for one time in my life I woke up the next morning regretting it. A hangover to me is a friendly and awesome reminder of my previous fun I had the night before.

What does a hangover mean to you?


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