Crossing the Great, Blurry Divide: On Dreams and Reality.

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Life Musings
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or is it one and the same.

The energy overtakes me. I am overtaken by a sense of certainty. Certainty for the things that must be in my future, for without them – without my dreams, aspirations, hopes – what am I but another pawn of the vast, cold, cruel reality we live in.

It’s a heartless place and it’s up to each person to warm it up. I fill myself up, saturate my very being, with the knowledge that my dreams are already Reality, albeit in a future realm, a future time, which is my Present. Blending hopes and reality, keeping them steadfastly entwined one another, yet knowing where they are intertwined, when to separate Reality which we feed on to reality of our Present State we currently experience.

Both Reality, both in the Present, none less important than the other. That is the work of the sane man, the one who wishes to exist, survive, even thrive here. Yet knowing where the lines blur is vital. Understanding my place in the grand scheme of things, understanding that although  I cannot leave my present state I fully well can control my Reality.

Do I not wonder? Am I ignorant of statistics, facts? Or am I forging ahead, leaving behind in my wake a trail of skepticism and pessimism? Being pragmatic is important. Taking steps to ensure your Reality, your future, is prudent. For it is the Plan B, which allows us comfort and peace of mind to be able to blast forward, propel ourselves into our rightful place. It is Plan B which allows us to be fearless. Fearless because Plan B brings fear, not complacence. At least for me.

Although it’s true that a desperate man heeds no warning and knows no limits, so much more is the power of a man confronted with an alternate reality. So terrible should the vision be, so absolutely unimaginable, that he will shock himself and the world at the sheer power he finds from within himself. He’ll find himself to be a force not to be reckoned with. Not to the exclusion of others, but to the satisfaction of his own existence, proving himself more than a Pawn. Dreams are Reality.

  1. Daas Torah says:

    WTF are you rambling on about? Are your parents proud of you? Do you entertain goyim and homos in flagrant violation of Torah and your own parents wishes? You need to get up from the koombaya campfire, do teshuva, find a shidduch, and settle down and stop breaking your parents’ hearts already.

  2. rick says:

    who really wrote that

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