My Thoughts on the Fogel Family Massacre in Itamar

Posted: March 13, 2011 in anti-semites
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"In Memory of the 5 Family Members from the Settlement of Itamar Who Were Killed In Cold Blood"

Itamar Family Massacre. No need to post a link, because if you haven’t heard about it, shame on you. Not much to say. A animal goes in to the home of another person and slits the throats of both parents, a 3 month old baby and two other siblings.

As a child I used to ask my mom who gave the Nazis the “right” to kill people. I couldn’t understand that there were people who would violate the basic right of living on this planet – that is to respect anothers right to live.

Some things I can’t relate to, but I understand that there is an explanation. Say soldiers who won’t be afraid to die in battlefield, or maybe they will be, but nonetheless they’ll go out and fight. I can’t quite grasp how fear doesn’t overtake them, but then again, I’m not a soldier for that reason.  I understand that others are different than I may be, have different fears, hopes, dreams. Different things make them happy, fulfilled.

But certain things go beyond explanation. There IS none. The people committing certain acts, aren’t human. The function as dehumanized monsters. Their insides are so violently fractured, they psych so completely twisted, that they can commit the worst atrocities. Atrocities that if I would witness would probably render me mentally unstable. Yet they can do them, and walk away feeling pride, or politically/religiously fulfilled.

I prefer to believe that these people aren’t like you an I. They aren’t normal humans. Not in a way that would acquit them of moral and ethical reprehensibility, such as “pleading insanity”, but in a way which leaves them with full mental faculties to make decisions, yet something is so skewered inside them, they are completely out of control. I rather not think of them as regular human beings who simply were trained for violence, because I wouldn’t want to belong to the same species of human as they belong to.

There’s violence, there can sometimes be justifications for violence, such as in war. But acts against a baby, civilians sleeping, is completely out of what normal humans should be capable of. To even bring up the idea that “They are living in a settlement after all” is a disgrace to there memories, and a sign of association with sub-humans.

This video is graphic.

"We Are All Settlers"


  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The people that did this barely qualify for the label of human being as far as I’m concerned. What scares me is how many other “human beings” believe in and celebrate what they did. Horrifying.

  2. Daas Torah says:

    I bet it would stop if we killed 100 for every 1 they slaughter.

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