Amy Lee Dead or Alive

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Life Musings
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With the advent of sites such as Twitter, rumors have the potential to become news stories. Whether or not it actually happened, it’ll always be part of history. There’s currently a big trend on Twitter about Amy Lee being dead. For those of you who don’t know her, oh well. I personally love her music, I think It’s dark, with a pleasant edge to it. If she turns out to be alive, it’ll always be known and discussed among her fans, and on sites that have her biography, as “the death hoax”.

Think back to any Wikipedia page you’ve recently seen. Most have events on them that re so trivial, so minor, almost a blip on a persons life, yet they become etched in the memories and on the web pages of the day.

Just my midnight thoughts on the advantages and dangers of instant news.

  1. itchemeyer says:

    Hey kissme, offthedwannab here. I wrote a post on frumsatire yesterday I think you’ll enjoy. I think my humor only hits a certain target audience, but ur part of it. Anyhow…

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