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Posted: May 18, 2011 in Random
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This post was written by a friend of mine, an amazing talented young mind. For me, it’s an expression of independence, of self reliance, yet also of humility and friendship. An expression of the vastness of the universe, yet acknowledging our ability to carve out a place for ourselves. Read, digest and enjoy.

The Spoken Word

What can I say that hasn’t been spoken, or written about? My thoughts aren’t original; Unheard of, yes, but Brand New, no. I speak words that have already been spoken. I’m reciting quotes from souls that spoke to me. I’m no man, no human, no category; I’m just a translator (a poor one at that.) I’m suppose to give a message of purpose and strength, but how can I tell you to follow something I fully don’t understand myself. The Big Cheese, God, The Universe, your Master or Sensei has spoken to me, and I am here speaking to you. I cannot save you. He/she cannot save you. Only you can save yourself. Fear, ha, doesn’t exist. Science simply a way to define shit that needs no explanation, but we strive so eagerly around purpose and divine understanding. There is nothing divine but the Earth, Air and Water we destroy but again, I’m just a translator. You, yes you, are the do-er, the changer, the explanation point and the period. Enough said, because any longer and I’ll lose you in your own words because The Simplest form being the hardest to decipher. Good day dear newly born minds, or minds that are afraid of truth. Good Day. I said, “Good Day, Dear Friends.”

  1. BoxedWhine says:

    This sets me thinking. I need to start going about the process of saving myself.

  2. rick says:

    there comes a point when attempting post-modern or abstract- or whatever-ism can cross the line into nonsense or drivel. i believe that has occurred here. it sounds all nice and philosophical, but in essence nothing is being said, and it makes little sense.
    i may be wrong, but i’m not usually one of those guys who just “doesn’t get it”.

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