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Posted: June 22, 2011 in Life Musings
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I was recently thinking about how cell phones, texting and technology in general has cheapened our existence, lessened the importance of a gesture, ruined the meaning of romance. In contrast to the world of film, where every action must be properly blocked, every word understoood, listened to, and respected. Evey moment of silence valued, every second of utmost importance. Every element of your surrounding set up to make the most of that moment in time, preserving it forever on film.

The scene is set in rural America somewhere. The year is 1979. The set lit with a musty afternoon light. A young college student returns home for a bit of R&R after the death of his long time girlfriend Emily. He was a quarterback, she, a cheerleader. He walks into the room, drops his duffelbag on his bed. A poster of Farah Fawcett hangs on the wall. He turns to peer out the window, at the children playing innocently up the road, noticing the simplicity of their world, wishing things could be different, when he notices a picture on his dresser. Brushing off the dust, it’s a picture of him and Emily. It was right after they met, in senior year of high school. They’d had a fight, each said hurtful things, she finally storming out in tears. Realizing the stupidity of their argument he’d asked her roommate what her favorite flowers were, gone to her house, gotten past her Dad, and given her the flowers. She threw them on the floor chasing him out of the house. Before she slammed the door on him, he apologized, told her he loved her and if she can get past their differences, she should meet him a the Shane O’Leary Memorial Field behind their school the next evening at 7, otherwise she should never see him again.

She showed up.

Today, in 2011, that scene would’ve been interrupted with some annoying sorority friend of hers telling her what to do via text. Even worse, it couldn’t have happened, because nothing is certain. Everything would’ve been arranged through texting, and either party could’ve backed out. Communication is easier, but virtually meaningless. There is nothing quite as awesome as having a girl show up for the date you arranged  a few days before. Today, if I don’t text to confirm a few hours before, she won’t be there.

Perhaps I’m not articulating myself properly, not respecting my readership, but it really isn’t something I can logically explain. I’m trying to convey an emotion,a sense of mourning. Don’t know why I’m so morose, or even f I am, but that’s the way I feel, the way I write.

Looking back up at the title I now realize I meant to write a funny post, not one so serious.


Point is, we’ve gotten to the point in society, where communication isn’t valued. In 1979, a date was set in advance, perhaps even in person. Then with cellphones, a call was made, often the day before, where both parties set a time and place and show up at said time. Now, we have a method where if you said something on a platform such as Facebook, instead of responding, she can simply click “Like.” I’m not sure what’s buggin me about it; after all communication is easier. But it really isn’t communication. It’s a way of AVOIDING  communication.  

Bear with me here, I’m thinking as I write. We avoid communication, but accepting measly sparks of connection as a method of connecting with others. Someone accepts your Friend request, suddenly they’re part of your life. Effortless. You never met them? So what, they accepted your request, they made an effort, traversed the boundary between stranger and friend with a simple fucking click of a button. Yay, lets all go out for ice cream now, shall we?

The tone of the music I’m listening to turned angry, as yu can probably see in the last few lines…again, bear with me. Or don’t.

  1. cherdear says:

    Good post buddy! I remember one of my high school boyfriends’ had arranged a date with me to the zoo for one fri. My house phone was unfortunately turned off on Mon and we hadn’t talked all week. I’ll have you know he showed up with a teddy bear on time that fri though we hadn’t talked that whole entire week. Something had told me to get dressed and I did and he came. 🙂 Good memory to have with me in these times of cheap, easy, expendable connections. Ahh well!

  2. ???? says:

    No matter what , or how there will always, and always has been a form of communication… In fact its easier to have romance today, its there, u just need to know how to benefit from it.

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