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There was once a blog. That blogger released too much sensitive info of girls he fucked, so he shut it down. Luckily it was all copied beforehand, so we can all read his writings of genius here at

This post expresses everything wrong, and by default kinda awesome, about American girls. One of the best posts I have ever read. I included the comments. be sure to read comment #3.

Drive Thru Boyfriends

Posted on March 21, 2011 by Dalrock

Fall 2010 by Solomon II

“Welcome to McFling’s.  My name is Solomon II.  May I take your order?”

“Uh, yes.  I’ll have the three months of meaningless sex from the Boyfriend Lite menu, add extra self respect.  Hold the judgment and consequences please.

“I’m sorry; we’re all out of self respect.  Would you like to add a side of rationalization for only $1 more?”

“Yeah.  That’s fine.  Super size it please.”

“Thank you.  Please pull up to the window for your total.”

There she is driving down the road of life at her own pace.  She’s young, independent, beautiful and has all the time in the world.  When she’s horny, she swings into the closest drive thru and places her order.  She does the same thing when she’s sad, lonely, happy, up, down, in, out, excited, needy, afraid, strong, weak, depressed, moody, joyful, exhilarated, stressed, etc. Any and every reason is valid because she’s being “true to herself”. Every three months on average she swings into McFling’s and orders up the best looking or most exciting thing on the menu (because she’s sooo selective).  There’s also a couple of late night snack runs thrown in there for good measure, but not as many as some other girls, so you have no right to judge her.  She’s young and her metabolism is firing on all cylinders, so now is the time for her to gorge herself with no consequences.

At the age of 27, she starts to notice that her steady diet of junk food relationships isn’t as satisfying as it once was.  Sure the bright lights, flashy signs, fast service and cheap satisfaction made for great fun, but now she’s starving for wholesome affection and beginning to show signs of emotional malnutrition.  There has to be something better out there.  Something more substantive.

All of a sudden she decides to make a change.  No more drive thru boyfriends.  Certainly everyone understands that her junk food relationship binge wasn’t her fault since it’s the bulk of what society offers.  It’s our culture.  These greasy high calorie drive thru boyfriend establishments are on every corner, advertised on every channel, glamorized in the media, and no one really told her how bad they could be for her health.  It’s society’s fault.  It’s the franchise’s fault. All the girls she knows are doing it, so how could she possibly be expected to know any better?

So now she wants steak, and by God she’s convinced that she deserves it from a five star restaurant.

She takes a shower hoping the stench of her decade long habit of frequenting McFling’s won’t be as noticeable.  She may not know how to act properly at the new fancy steakhouse she’s going to try tonight, but it’s ok.  Men always give her a pass on her behavior since she’s beautiful and an easy lay adventurous.

When she’s all done getting ready and is confident that she can look and act like the type of girl who has been eating healthy all along, she heads out for the best steakhouse in town.  Why not the best?  She deserves it, and her friend Michelle ate there last week (and she’s totally not even pretty).

With all the undeserved self confidence in the world and an advanced case of juvenile egocentrism, she pulls into the parking lot of the steakhouse.  She notices there are dozens of people standing in line.  She doesn’t understand.  The stupid bitch at the hostess desk asked her if she had a reservation.  A reservation?!  How rude!  She has a vagina and that’s always been sufficient before, so what gives?  It seems the steakhouse is completely booked for months.

Now she’s pissed off.  How could the upscale steakhouse refuse to seat her?  So what if she showed up right at prime dinner time (27 years old o’clock) and demanded the best seat in the house.  She deserves it.  She’s waited so long for it… well, not really, but in theory anyway.  She always knew the steakhouse was there, she just never took the time to plan ahead for reservations.  It’s not her fault.

As she drives away, she realizes she has another problem.  She’s still hungry.  She pulls in to yet another McFling’s, this time disgusted to be there.  But she’s changed, so she decides to try something different.

“Welcome to McFling’s.  My name is Solomon II.  May I take your order?”

“Uh, yes.  I’ll have the steak please.”

“We don’t serve steak.  Show me your tits.”

“I’m not like that anymore.  Steak please.”

“I can offer you the three months of meaningless sex from the Boyfriend Lite menu, and pretend to hold the judgment and consequences if you’d like.”

“Steak please.”

“Bitch, would you like me to serve you the three months of meaningless sex from the Boyfriend Lite menu, pretend to hold the judgment and consequences, and just *tell you* it’s steak?”

“Steak please.”

“Fine.  Please pull up to the first window.  I’ll have your total and a treat for your hamster.”

This cycle continues until she turns 30 and realizes that she’ll never get in to the steakhouse.  She’s waited much too long to make reservations, so she settles for a Beta male who takes her to Chili’s on 2 for 1 night in his minivan.  Hey, it’s not the steakhouse she deserves, but it’s better than that asshole Solomon II at the drive thru boyfriend joint.  At least Chili’s has real silverware.

That night she stumbles upon a blog with a post entitled “Drive Thru Boyfriends” and gets righteously annoyed.  That’s not her at all.  That was never her intention.  She’s different, special, and unique.  What gives the author the right to assume that he knows her or can determine what she’s been through in her AMAZING life?  He doesn’t know her story.  He doesn’t know her heart.  He can’t judge her actions based on what other girls do simply because she did the same things and ended up in the same situation they did.  He can’t tell her what kind of person she is, or what her fate will be.  She’s different than the rest.  She’s strong, independent and wise beyond her years.

In her rage she hits the road again, confused by what has happened to her and angry that she didn’t get what she deserved out of life.  With her Beta boyfriend wondering where the hell she is, she drives past the steakhouse which is closed for the night.  Blinded by fury and driven by emotion, she decides to make yet another change.  A real and meaningful change this time.  This time she’ll get it right and enjoy what she deserves for being an amazing woman.  Her rationalization hamster helps out with navigation and leads her to a brand new place.  Somewhere she’s never been.  This is it!  This is what she needs.  This time she’s confident she’ll get what she deserves.

And she does.

“Welcome to McFling’s.  My name is Solomon II.  May I take your order?”

“Steak, please…”

Suggested Reading: Commitment as a Form of Female Investment by Dalrock.

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As iron sharpeneth iron, so one man sharpeneth another. Proverbs 27:17

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  1.  Penguin says:

    The last couple of posts are great. You’re on fire!

  2.  HappilyMarriedButJustGotLucky says:

    Agree with Penguin. Quite creative and enjoyable!

  3.  Days of Broken Arrows says:

    …and then one day she turned 42. And she realized few people wanted to serve her McBurgers anymore. The steak had never really come her way, but McBurgers always came easy. Now even that was hard to come by. So she went driving into the night until it became morning.

    Sunday morning.

    That’s when she found the mega-church, or the McChurch. She also found McJesus in the McPastor’s McSermons which weren’t really from scripture, but a McReading of the scripture to appeal to the McPeople who filled the McChurch. The Dr. Phil platitudes of the McPreacher allowed her to feel self-righteous and pass judgment on everyone else. Sure, she might have screwed anything that walked, but now she was a McVirgin. Surely, she was a cut above those sinners who didn’t find the McWord, wasn’t she?

    Male attention had ceased, but it came around again when she began posting McPlatitudes on her Facebook page. Things like “If God brings you to it, then God will get you through it.” Now guys were practically high five-ing her online, since that was what they thought they were supposed to do, knowing nothing better in their empty American McLives of football’n’McJesus. And she began responding to people with “God loves you!” Instead of a simple “Bye!” or “Hello!” That got attention. Her breasts were sagging, but her HolyMcSpirit was high. It also made it easier to block out the cries she heard of all the McBabies she never did have (or the ones that wound up washed in pieces in the McDoctor’s drain).

    Like all TRUE stories, this one has a moral.

    Women who use sex in their twenties to get power and fulfillment use religion in their forties when the sex well runs dry. Of course, it’s all McPower — not the real thing, but a low-budget simulation.

  4.  Solomon II says:

    @Days: Beautifully done, and so true. As the son of a Baptist Minister, I can confirm 100%. Church is the last refuge of many a whore. That’s why I laugh when men say they want to go to church to meet a good girl.

    @ Penguin and Happily: Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback.

  5.  finndistan says:

    That was one of the best ways the concept has been written about.


    It is not just wanting to eat steak at a restaurant, it is also wanting the restaurant to pay them for eating the steak; and even pay for the open tabs of the past McFlings.

    And due all the additives (i.e. sodium glutamate, sweeteners, preservatives…) , the taste buds are almost dead, so the steak will never taste like a pumped um McFling with cream on top.

  6.  Solomon II says:

    @finndistan: It’s amazing how this analogy could go on and on forever and still hold true.

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  8.  Thag Jones says:

    He can’t judge her actions based on what other girls do simply because she did the same things and ended up in the same situation they did.

    I lol’d. That’s a good one!

  9.  dalrock says:

    “We don’t serve steak. Show me your tits.”

    One of the funniest things I’ve read in a long, long time!

    Thanks for your link back and putting me on your blogroll! I’ve added you to mine as well not so much out of reciprocation, but because I want to be able to read your latest posts easily. I’ve only read your most recent four posts, but I’m hooked.

    One question though, who is Darlock? :)

    [Damn it. Give me a sec.]

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  11.  Bronckin’ Buckeye says:

    Is this the customer you’re talking about?

    It’s a must read.

    “Flirting with the laws of attraction. As single (and choosy) girls ——— and —– have decided to put their beliefs in the Law of Attraction to the test to attract the men of their dreams…. We will be wearing engagement rings for 40 days to send signals to the universe that we have found what we are looking for. By doing this we are hoping that in response to those signals we are sending out we will actually receive what we are looking for.
    We will be following some rules through this experiment.
    1. The ring must be worn during every public outting
    2. If a possible “love interest” questions the ring and asks if we are engaged we must answer “Yes, to myself.”
    3. No dating (or similar extra curricular activities) during the 40 day period.
    4. We must go “out” and socialize at least once per weekend
    *Rules are subject to change at our discretion*”

    [S2 Says: Christ, man. Women are fucking delusional. I should quit picking on them and start a foundation or something.]

  12.  Squared says:

    Hey Solomon, just found your blog earlier today. I’ve gone back in your archives and have read about a dozen of your posts already, and I find myself short of superlatives. Absolutely brilliant stuff all around. You definitely have what it takes to become the new king of this part of the blogosphere.

    I’ll be checking this one regularly, keep it up!

  13.  Steve says:

    Funny shit bro.


A Hasidic guy tries to have an affair over craigslist. WTF? Here’s the post from Gothamist.

This is the perspective of a modern orthodox friend of mine on the issue.
“The Frummy Who Finagled.”
I have firmly held the belief throughout my life that Judaism allows men and women to be able to be in contact with each other. The Torah, though it is male-dominated due to its writing in a time when the world was male-dominated, still has encounters in which unmarried, single man has spoken to and been attracted to unmarried woman, and, though at times it has had negative connotations, (like Dina- she may have flirted a little much with a prince. Bad idea Dina. You never flirt with an entitled teenager) the fact is that male and female conversation is quite common in the Bible, and in no instances does the Bible ban such encounter.
This disclaimer brings me to a CalmKallahs topic in which a Beis Yaakov girl, KEEP READING THERE’S MOAR!

So there’s this girl who wrote into the forum known as completely freaking out. She posted there the following:

“k-i am your typical frum girl in shidduchim-learning guys… i am freaking out and dont know what to do with myself… to make a long story short- i met a guy who i cannot marry- for a lot of reasons-but we liked each other so much and ended up talking, eventually meeting and got physical and recently we had sex. i am flipping out. i never talked to a guy b4 except on dates and dont no what to do…. will i still be able to marry a frum learning boy? am i ruined forever? in my heart i am still a frum bais yaakov girleven tho i know i messed up big time and have not told anyone about this and cant imagine doing so- no one would ever believe it so dont tell me to tell my parents. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so lost and hopeless!!!”

Let me preface by saying I completely understand the world in which she comes from. I came from there too. So it’s not her I think is amazingly lost, but her world. (And my past?)

It’s sad that a community exists that has such issues. A girl kKEEP READING THERE’S MOAR!

My friend sent this video to me. It’s a new release by The Lonely Island from SNL with Akon called I Just had Sex. It kind of is a sure sign that we have come full circle from the sexual supression of the 50’s…on the other hand is this just too far?  It adds to the Lonely Island Collection Jizz in My pants and I’m on a Boat…It almost reminds me of this video by Spose called I’m Awesome. Either way here it is..lemme know what you think.

Decadent…Bus Ads?

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Religion, Sex
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I’m surfing the web instead of being busy with the things I need to get done before Thursday. Confession. But I did come across this article by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield titled When Bikinis and Black Hats Collide and thought the way he spoke about certain points was powerful and clear –  almost irrefutable. Although opinions are not fact, he manages to make his seem damn close. I’ve made red the part that caught my eye.

Is this nation governed by its laws or by the whims of narrowly defined religious groups? As we fight for greater freedom in Afghanistan, can we still assure our own freedom of expression here at home? Those questions are up for grabs in New York City, and if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority removed advertising from all its buses which pass through heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Well, not all the ads, just the ones for Georgi vodka, which feature bikini-clad (more…)

Reposted from In My Humble Jewish Opinion, a dead or sleeping blog.

Charedim try to “dance at all parties” by making sex completely taboo, yet fearing it looms around every corner.

This past week’s Chinuch Roundtable in the Yated made me kind of upset.
The question came from a parent who has two teenaged daughters and an 8-year-old son. They live near a frum drug rehab center. The residents there are in their 20s, have gone off the derech, many come from rabbinical households or yichus, and are “hungry for a home. “

She asks whether she should worry about the influence that these kids will have on her children.
“I would like to know your feelings regarding exposing children to these types of boys and their sometimes off-color comments.” In other words, do the benefits of such a mitzvah outweigh the risks?

In my opinion, she answered her own question when she ended her letter with the following, in parenthesis for some odd reason, “In the last few years, some of these boys have become Shomer Shabbos. One went to Eretz Yisrael and one even married a frum girl.”

The rabbis on the panel were faced with a tough question. Many of them wrote that they asked their own rabbonim to get their thoughts on the matter.

What surprised me was the number of rabbis who chose to focus on the males in their 20’s in the presence of teenaged girls. It’s not about the drugs. It’s not about the off-color comments. It’s not about the 8-year-old getting funny ideas in his head. No. It’s about the chance that one of these guys would hit on the teenagers.

Notice that the writer didn’t mention anything of that nature happening over the past few years. I think these guys know that if they were to do anything inappropriate, they wouldn’t be allowed back there. Thus, had they attempted to hit on the daughters, the writer would no longer have this question.

Clearly, these young men value these meals, and are grateful to be invited to a warm, welcoming frum home, and they are willing do what it takes to maintain a good rapport with this family.

I have a lot of respect for this family for giving these guys something that they perhaps lacked throughout their teen years. A warm, welcoming home. We don’t know for sure, but I’d venture to say that this family had a share in the other young men’s successes.

The rabbis go so far as to say even if these guys were bachurim in a yeshiva, they don’t belong in a home with teenaged daughters.

This attitude only allows me to conclude one thing. These rabbonim seem to think that every man is a horny animal and every woman is a sex object.

I have a brother 3 1/2 years my senior. Does that mean he should never have any friends over? Do these rabbis think that we’ll be playing footsie under the table since he’s a guy and I’m a girl?! Is every guy that horny?

A healthy ta’avas nashim is necessary for the functioning of any male in society.
In other words, yes, men want to have sex. That is how Hashem created them.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that every guy is a sack of raging hormones, and every girl is a sex object. There is more to both sexes than, well, sex.

One rav wrote, “Even if these bochurim were the best bochurim in Lakewood, they should never be invited to a home that has older daughters.” (If “older” is 19+ and they are seeking a learning guy — well, G-d forbid a shidduch come out of this and prevent the two of them from experiencing the sometimes painful shidduch system! That would be just tragic, wouldn’t it — Sorry, I digressed. Couldn’t help it.)

Clearly, the other very important issue at hand, which I believe is what the letter-writer was really asking, is whether these guys who “fell into the wrong crowd” and throw in an off-color comment once in a while, put the children at risk. That is for another day, perhaps.

My thoughts:

She’s a little bit all over the place but what I want to point out are the issue of frum people- not all of them- focusing on things for the stigma associated with it rather than the actual problem.

The other thing is about the shidduch system- why indeed are they so afraid of young people meeting in a healthy environment?

As for guys being a raging sack of hormones- we definitely are, but that doesn’t mean every girl is a sex object. That’s almost as much up to the way the girl puts out, as it is up to the way the guy treats a girl.

The last point is more a comment on the way the post, or the question in the newspaper was written. And I quote from the blog’s author “In other words, do the benefits of such a mitzvah outweigh the risks?”  It makes people with issues into cases. Now, perhaps being on drugs warrants being termed a “case” but something tells me their being called a case arose from their not being religious, not the fact that they may have been crackheads.

Now I think I’m all over the place too. Oh well.

"Hem Rotzim V'anu Ro'im". Too funny not to put in here even though it's completely irrelevant.

Hey Sexual!

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Sex
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I’d like to introduce a new word. Sexual. What?

Ever see a girl and tell her how sexy she looks? Or see a car and call it sexy? Well from now on the word is sexual. As in ” Geez babe you lookin sexual!” Or “yo, check out that car, it’s madd sexual!” Somehow it has more snap. Or more of whatever it’s supposed to have.

On the other hand it’s also a bit pervy so careful how you use it and to whom you say it. And by pervy I mean you could sound like you wanna be humpin right now. Which of course is the way most of us think, but you’re not supposed to SAY it.

See there’s a fine line between being in touch with our base perverse selves, and being socially acceptable. PETA barely makes the latter while some of my friends are too in touch with themselves. Well, not so much in TOUCH with THEMSELVES, ( or is that in touch WITH themselves…?) but ya get my drift.

On another note, nothing is more satisfying than saying FUCK YOU to someone who doesn’t REALLY deserve it. Kind of when someone takes a stab at you, instead of responding with something clever or sexual you can just say FUCK you…but of course with your super sexual smile. Otherwise noone will be FUCKING you.

Bye. And yes, I am against all forms of sexual harassment, rape or otherwise violent or perverted actions. So stop hating.


*Please do not repost without permission. Email me

Reb Yerucham sighed and closed his Gemara.

It was going to be an exhilarating night. Someone special was dropping by for a visit. Sarah was away on a business trip. She would never know.

It’d been way too long since he had been turned on by her. They’d been married for 23 years already and she just didn’t take care of herself anymore.

Truth is, she never had. She always was so religious. Teaching in Bais Yaakov is no job for a prutzah. She emulated kol kevuda d’bas melech penimah well-what with her neckline covered even when doing laundry, skirt 3 inches above her ankle. No more, no less.

And her loose clothes black, always black. Like a hanging table cloth. So gloomy. And waxing- she had visited the salon once, on her wedding day. With so many children, she had no time. Besides she didn’t believe in those things, calling them vain and not Torah’dik.

His thoughts turned back to his guest. He adjusted his black wool pants.

They’ll make small talk as he’ll prepare the drinks. Tea, always tea.  Afterward they’ll head up to his bedroom Where  he will rip those clothes off his guest. Rip them off with an excitement that can only come from having been deprived.

Fuck! He was so deprived of all things sexual.  She hardly ever agreed to have sex. Between taking care of the kids, finishing Tehillim and baking for the Nshei’s chessed group she was usually so exhausted she would collapse into bed and fall asleep.

Half the time she was a Niddah so sex was  out of the question. He used the more modern Jewish magazine, the one with the pictures of ladies in it – to take care of business.

Even when she finally did agree to have sex it was quick and uninterested. Not to mention dark. Always lights off.  She said she liked keeping her mind clean. Something about keeping impure thoughts out and focusing on D’varim Sh’bikdusha.

What had it been, six years since his wife really did it for him? And they said women faked orgasms! If only they knew about Lakewood Rebbeim.

He’d begin by a slow but firm massage.

He couldn’t help but smile as he thought of the smooth legs. No feeling was as great as caressing those thin, smooth legs. Such contrast to his over-weight wife. The feeling that will engulf him as he’ll run his hands over the smoothness. Starting up from the ankles. Circling his way up while passionately kissing every soft inch.

Always passionate. He’ll explore every bit of that very very smooth body. Deeply inhaling the fresh scent one only smells like after taking a fresh long shower. He’ll shake with excitement as the sexual tension builds up. Beads of  sweat gathered on his forehead just at the thought.

He shuddered with anticipation.

All clothes off, things will really heat up. He thought of his back, arms and legs getting massaged. Rubbed, licked and softly bitten. Moving from his legs his further up . Up and down, up and down over and over again until it’d finally be over-

-his thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

His guest was here.


He opened the door.

He looked out, smiled and warmly greeted his 6th grade student with a hearty—

—“Hello Jack.”

Hasidim, Sex and Bad Religion

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Reposted with permission from Tova’s blog, The Righteous Rasha entitled “Fear and Loathing: Bad Religion and Its Followers.”

Those who refuse to understand will make up reasons to hate and fear the unknown.
“Oh, it’s just a terrible situation,” Leah Schottenstein says over a cup of coffee to her friend, Sara Liebowitz. “My Yosef…He’s off the derech! He smokes cigarettes and reads Faulkner novels and dates shiksas.”

“Yes,” Mrs. Liebowitz nods with sadness. “But you need to understand something, Leah. This has nothing to do with HaKadosh Baruch Hu, nothing to do with Yiddishkeit. It has to do with you and your family.”

“That’s true,” agrees Mrs. Schottenstein. “But how do I reverse the negative experiences Yosef has had? How do I show him that Avraham and I will always be there for him so that one day he’ll be frum again?”
And so it goes. Never is Orthodoxy itself ever the culprit; it’s always ‘bad experiences’ or ‘abuse’ or ‘evil influences’. Because to the chareidi world, those who ‘go off’ can be nothing but irrational, emotional children.Why?

In many situations, fear/loathing brings humanity together. It serves as a bond, a commonality where suspicion of or disgust for the ‘other’ gives people something to worry about – together. It’s like schoolchildren who become friends over the fact that they hate the same foods: “Oh, you don’t like spinach, either? Neither do I!”

Unlike some forms of human distrust, though, the chareidi world’s suspicion of OTDers does not allow for ‘the opposition’ to have any rational thought. No moderator at FrumTeens or Hashkafa, no rabbi I’ve ever spoken to, no Bais Yaakov teacher, no kiruv ‘worker’ will do anything but insist that the formerly frum act out of reasons completely disconnected with Judaism itself. The reasons these people give for leaving Orthodoxy fall into a few categories:

1. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of frum Jews;

2. ‘Broken’ Divorced families;

3. The desire to rebel and have a fun life, even if it’s morally lacking;

4. Emotional problems.

…How about TaNaCh itself, though, which promotes racism, sexism, slavery, genocide and rape? Does that not factor into a young man or woman’s decision to stop being frum? How about the fact that so many of today’s rabbis, when faced with difficult philosophical questions, brush off the questioner like an annoying insect?

These aren’t considered to be legitimate reasons; I truly think that there are people who would rather be ostriches than humans. They’d much prefer avoiding the reality that for OTDers, Judaism itself doesn’t work. As a result, they spend their time fretting over ‘kids at-risk’ and ‘fringe youth’ without actually understanding what the underlying causes are. They hold conferences, consult rabbanim, write letters into Jewish publications, bar their children from ‘bad’ influences.

And yet no one is asking the fundamental question: What about Orthodox Judaism is turning off today’s young adults? What about the religion is objectionable, irrational, hateful or unprovable?

But the blame is always placed on the kid himself or his family. It’s always a bad home environment, or molestation, or emotional problems. Regarding this, I have to ask: What sort of a faith can this be if all who leave it are treated like pariahs and not given a chance to speak for themselves? What sort of a faith can this be if those who stay within it insist that anyone who rebels cannot possibly be a rational thinker? What sort of a faith can this be if it can’t stand up to some criticism, some challenging?

Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. Can’t the same be said of religion? And shouldn’t those who live a restrictive, sometimes oppressive life based on as-yet unprovable stories and miracles be the ones to defend their ’emotional reasons’ for doing what they do? It astounds me.

If chareidim can’t function in a debate, if they will insist that those who have left Yiddishkeit are all irrational without actually discussing the issue…then it is a bad religion.

Alternatively, one could use the term ‘cult’.

I’ve been trying to put that into words myself, but she kinda nailed it on the head. Too many of the people I speak to refuse to agree to disagree. They all think I’m completely irrational and even go so far as to assume I agree I’m being irrational yet just don’t admit it. And that’s just wrong. Perhaps its they who are being irrational and are following something which isn’t as perfect as they think.
This video is disturbing. Not in a graphic way, but in a…just watch it goddammit!

… I said, something is seriously wrong here!

Also check this out…

This story made for some interesting news.

yea I know this has really nothing to do with the topic…oh well.