Coversity Episode 10

Posted: July 22, 2011 in TV
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Hey guys, I don’t post  a link to every episode of the show I’m on, because that’s just shameless self promoting…but this one is by far the best yet…so enjoy!


Subway Encounters Part 1

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Random
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I’m a friendly guy. I meet people where ever I go. Living in NYC I’ve had met some amazing people and figured I’d share.

Perhaps I’m just aware of what and who is around me and I like talking, or perhaps I’m just a creep. Either way, it certainly doesn’t hurt to know some great people. At the very least, it gives me interesting stories.

A few months ago, while working in DUMBO – which for those of you who aren’t aware, is where the real cool people hide out,  I used to take the same train every day. I always took the late train. You kow the one where everyone looks hungover and guilty they aren’t in their office and it’s 10am…

Anyway, I saw this cute short girl a bunch of times, but never said anything. I guess I wasn’t in a talkative mood during the winter. Well one day I did approach her and we chatted a bit. I asked her for coffee but she said she was busy that night, and we never did meet up.

Maybe she isn’t a drinker.

She did find me on Twitter however. Stalker girl. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Anyhow I stumbled across her blog and from there to this video of her doing standup comedy.

Probably from the top ten best standup videos I’ve ever seen, and I normally HATE  standup comedy.

Oh, and Marina, my offer for coffee still stands.

We’re raising $ for the show I’m on , Coversity. Any help would be appreciated.

Actual, typical Craigslist ad for servers. I had some thoughts as I was reading it.

New Gastropub in NYC is holding open call interviews for Bartenders and Wait staff. With a 100 seat restaurant and 70 seat sidewalk cafe, we will be opening in mid July so candidates will need to be available to start training on Monday 11th July. We are looking for full time staff that are professional and have a genuine passion for the food and service industry. We are not interested in tip chasers. (Well why the fuck do you think people work as servers?) We will have a large selection of both draft and bottled beer. An eclectic wine and cocktail menu along with excellent gastropub style food. (eclectic wine list with excellent pubgrub, eh? I just chuckled. *Fart*)

Please Please Please only apply for these positions if you have the following list of skills and characteristics;
You will be Read the rest of this entry »

I was recently thinking about how cell phones, texting and technology in general has cheapened our existence, lessened the importance of a gesture, ruined the meaning of romance. In contrast to the world of film, where every action must be properly blocked, every word understoood, listened to, and respected. Evey moment of silence valued, every second of utmost importance. Every element of your surrounding set up to make the most of that moment in time, preserving it forever on film.

The scene is set in rural America somewhere. The year is 1979. The set lit with a musty afternoon light. A young college student returns home for a bit of R&R after the death of his long time girlfriend Emily. He was a quarterback, she, a cheerleader. He walks into the room, drops his duffelbag on his bed. A poster of Farah Fawcett hangs on the wall. He turns to peer out the window, at the children playing innocently up the road, noticing the simplicity of their world, wishing things could be different, when he notices a picture on his dresser. Brushing off the dust, it’s a picture of him and Emily. It was right after they met, in senior year of high school. They’d had a fight, each said hurtful things, she finally storming out in tears. Realizing the stupidity of their argument he’d asked her roommate what her favorite flowers were, gone to her house, gotten past her Dad, and given her the flowers. She threw them on the floor chasing him out of the house. Before she slammed the door on him, he apologized, told her he loved her and if she can get past their differences, she should meet him a the Shane O’Leary Memorial Field behind their school the next evening at 7, otherwise she should never see him again.

She showed up.

Today, in 2011, that scene would’ve been interrupted with some annoying sorority friend of hers telling her what to do via text. Even worse, it couldn’t have happened, because nothing is certain. Everything would’ve been arranged through texting, and either party could’ve do continue

Here’s a link to the 4th episode, because I couldn’t get the Vimeo code to work…I’ll be on the show as one of the main characters starting next week. Watch, enjoy, and share!

A Hasidic guy tries to have an affair over craigslist. WTF? Here’s the post from Gothamist.

This post was written by a friend of mine, an amazing talented young mind. For me, it’s an expression of independence, of self reliance, yet also of humility and friendship. An expression of the vastness of the universe, yet acknowledging our ability to carve out a place for ourselves. Read, digest and enjoy.

The Spoken Word

What can I say that hasn’t been spoken, or written about? My thoughts aren’t original; Unheard of, yes, but Brand New, no. I speak words that have already been spoken. I’m reciting quotes from souls that spoke to me. I’m no man, no human, no category; I’m just a translator (a poor one at that.) I’m suppose to give a message of purpose and strength, but how can I tell you to follow something I fully don’t understand myself. The Big Cheese, God, The Universe, your Master or Sensei has spoken to me, and I am here speaking to you. I cannot save you. He/she cannot save you. Only you can save yourself. Fear, ha, doesn’t exist. Science simply a way to define shit that needs no explanation, but we strive so eagerly around purpose and divine understanding. There is nothing divine but the Earth, Air and Water we destroy but again, I’m just a translator. You, yes you, are the do-er, the changer, the explanation point and the period. Enough said, because any longer and I’ll lose you in your own words because The Simplest form being the hardest to decipher. Good day dear newly born minds, or minds that are afraid of truth. Good Day. I said, “Good Day, Dear Friends.”

With the advent of sites such as Twitter, rumors have the potential to become news stories. Whether or not it actually happened, it’ll always be part of history. There’s currently a big trend on Twitter about Amy Lee being dead. For those of you who don’t know her, oh well. I personally love her music, I think It’s dark, with a pleasant edge to it. If she turns out to be alive, it’ll always be known and discussed among her fans, and on sites that have her biography, as “the death hoax”.

Think back to any Wikipedia page you’ve recently seen. Most have events on them that re so trivial, so minor, almost a blip on a persons life, yet they become etched in the memories and on the web pages of the day.

Just my midnight thoughts on the advantages and dangers of instant news.

sometimes, change can be a good thing

Traditions can sometimes be nice. Rules helpful. Both meant to be broken. Some were never meant to be made in the first place. Such as:

1. Poking.

I’m referring to Facebook poking of course. The other type of poking should be avoided at all costs. (Even if it means showering without soap.) I mean, if you’re too shy to message that girl you haven’t spoken to in a while, you think poking her will help? It’s like typing a “period” when a girl hasn’t texted back, so she’ll see you texted her. Then you pass it off as an accident. Lame. C’mon we know you do that.

Bottom line: It’s old, pointless, and should definitely go!

2. “Please listen closely as our menu options have changed.” 

I don’t call you that often. And even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t memorize Read the rest of this entry »