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This is a short film I acted in and co-directed. Feedback much appreciated.


This post was written by a friend of mine, an amazing talented young mind. For me, it’s an expression of independence, of self reliance, yet also of humility and friendship. An expression of the vastness of the universe, yet acknowledging our ability to carve out a place for ourselves. Read, digest and enjoy.

The Spoken Word

What can I say that hasn’t been spoken, or written about? My thoughts aren’t original; Unheard of, yes, but Brand New, no. I speak words that have already been spoken. I’m reciting quotes from souls that spoke to me. I’m no man, no human, no category; I’m just a translator (a poor one at that.) I’m suppose to give a message of purpose and strength, but how can I tell you to follow something I fully don’t understand myself. The Big Cheese, God, The Universe, your Master or Sensei has spoken to me, and I am here speaking to you. I cannot save you. He/she cannot save you. Only you can save yourself. Fear, ha, doesn’t exist. Science simply a way to define shit that needs no explanation, but we strive so eagerly around purpose and divine understanding. There is nothing divine but the Earth, Air and Water we destroy but again, I’m just a translator. You, yes you, are the do-er, the changer, the explanation point and the period. Enough said, because any longer and I’ll lose you in your own words because The Simplest form being the hardest to decipher. Good day dear newly born minds, or minds that are afraid of truth. Good Day. I said, “Good Day, Dear Friends.”

Art and Jews

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Life Musings
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Anonymity and blogging: We all love it. It allow us to write more freely, to express ourselves more clearly. Many of my friends know who I am, and certainly if you saw my Facebook feeds, you’d know, and that’s just the way it is. Which is perfectly fine. I like to call it semi-anonymous. Meaning if you know, keep it to yourself. That being said…I’ve been busy lately, which is why  haven’t blogged in close to a month.

Never mind that though. Art: What is it? Why do we love it? Why do some of us scorn it?

Jews have a love hate relationship with it. Some look down on it, some are actively involved in making it.

I recently finished filming a very intensive 6 day shoot of a 25 minute short film, directed by a young but very talented director. We worked endless hours each day, giving it our all until wrapped. We were exhausted, yes. But also exhilarated. Here we all were, doing what we liked. We all appreciated the fact that art was being created, minute by minute. It wasn’t just the idea of perfecting the character. It was also acknowledging that the talented gaffer (lighting guy), the sound mixer, who came recommended as “the best sound guy he knows” by the sound mixer on Godfather, and all the crew’s work, both pre and post production comes together to form this amazing thing we call a film. Bit by bit, (more…)

What creates a feeling of peace, and being settled?

Everyone is chasing the elusive feeling of being at peace with themselves. Religious Jews sometimes think they found it in God, other religious denominations in whatever faith they cling to. People use things like chasing money, sex and a party life to feel something, even though that may or may not bring them what they are looking for. To say for sure one way or the other would be silly; every person is deifferent.

Saturday afternoon a friend of mine asked me to come with him to the East Hamptons for an opening of a show at an art gallery. I’d actually never been out there before, and it was interesting how 20% of the cars on the slow moving hamptons road were either Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Audi R8’s, Roll’s Royce Etc. Definitely seems like a scene out of Beverly Hills. Then we got to the gallery. The crowd was very hipsterish, mostly gay, not my crowd at all.

After we left the gallery we had dinner at the home of the gallery’s owner. This dude owns a plane and is rolling in money. His house was a really small cabin with a nice backyard with 2 guest cabins, a simple pool, and a patio area. Terrence Koh was there with his husband. Odd dude. Took a vow of silence apparently. I found out when he introduced himself to me and gestured a hello. Interviewed Lady Gaga a while back, not sure how he did that without speaking.

Anyway back to the house of this art gallery guy. Everything was overly simple. Not in the stylish modernistic way, but just simple. The bathroom had a toothbrush, soap, towel, and toilet paper. Nothing else. And it was very peaceful. I could’ve shut off my phone, closed my laptop, and just chilled with food and beer for a week there. And I’m usually mad jumpy without that shit.

I don’t know what it was, it was just peaceful. The only other place that was that peaceful was Tzfat on a Friday night.

Can anyone pinpoint what makes a place peaceful?