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Yea. Wtf.

“The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.” George Bernard Shaw

Debatable. Interesting quote nonetheless. I don’t think believers are drunk at all. I respect those who believe and follow a certain path, be it Orthodoxy, Christianity, Islam, Liberalism or any other belief system. Unless of course their belief includes blowing people up in the name of religion or killing people because they are somehow inferior to you. In which case they’re drunk with a belief and can’t see outside the box. And assholes.

There is a point to be made however. Along with certain belief systems comes a set of rules. Rules are great as they can provide a system within which one can thrive. However they are a bit like inheriting a house. You can’t choose what the house looks like, unless of course you redo it, in which case it’s no longer the same house. You have two choices. Sell the house and reap the benefits, or convince yourself you actually like it. Possibly that style home will even be adapted as your own taste.

Rules are given. They can be dropped, or they can be adopted as your own. Which means you must come to terms with those rules. You must adapt them as your own, otherwise you’re simply a slave to those rules.

The thing with adopting rules as your own is that coming to terms with rules may not necessarily include truly believing in them. You can just begin following and becoming comfortable with those rules, but then you won’t be thinking for yourself.

Take morals for instance. What is moral and what is immoral? According to the Jewish religion if you see something that belongs to your friend laying around, and you know that person wouldn’t mind, you still can’t use it because you don’t have explicit permission. Now most people would agree there’s nothing wrong with using it. So if you’re going to follow a rule blindly, being a moral person doesn’t actually mean you’re moral. It means you DO MORAL THINGS. The morals of an institution can create the same effect on a person as alcohol. It can create a illusion of safety, provide a mask with which to hide behind.

The more one figures out what ones comfort zone is, the more creative he’ll think. The realization that you can do what you want is freeing. Obviously if everyone yells at you that you’re doing the  wrong thing, in all likelihood you are. Common sense is a prerequisite to all. But the greatest people in history have always been those who thought out of the box. Created their own success. Those who didn’t say I want be successful, but I WILL be successful. Obviously you may not end up reaching your goal but if you don’t believe you will, you won’t. If you believe you will, you may.

Energy is out there you just gotta capture it, and allow it to help you break free of the constraints of the masses plodding along through  life. So many people I met had resumes that said one thing about them: They’re a robotic douche with no ambition, they can use excel and worked at a Fortune 500 company. Not saying I’m any better, but at least I don’t pretend. Nah I kid, I’m way better. I’m awesome.