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I think one of my biggest issues with the Yeshivish world, and in part the religious world in general, is they love suppressing independent thought and creativity.

I walked into my family’s Sukka the other day for dinner. My 4 year old nephew looks at me, and exclaims “Hey why you not wearing Shabbos clothes?!” I understand my sister wants to instill certain values in her children, but isn’t there a right way to do that? If the child will assume their way is the only way and anyone else is the different one, isn’t that wrong?

I understand she wants her child to believe firmly in the values she holds so true and important, but can’t we save the “musts and must nots” for things more important than the clothes you prefer your child to wear on Chol Hamoed??

I find it scary that her 4 year old child is that narrow minded. In fact I hadn’t thought children that young could be narrow minded.

Sitting in a recent computer class I noticed how the the many of the Yeshivish students could barely use the most basic functions of Word. Their was one Chassidish guy who didn’t know how to highlight a word! After all, why would they ever be interested in computers?? Learning is what’s important and that’s it!

Ever notice how an absurd amount of Frum people work in Accounting, Real Estate, or nursing homes? That’s because they aren’t interested in a particular field. They aren’t interested in anything in particular. That’s kinda scary too.

Thankfully I find myself very strongly interested in a number of fields, yet i still harbor resentment towards my parents, for had things been different growing up I probably would have been alot further along the path I am pursuing. But can’t live in the past can I?


People are. (They make something of themselves.) People aren’t. (They don’t) People are and say they aren’t. The worst kind are the ones who aren’t, but think they are. They’ve always existed. We know we’re in real trouble when we, as a society of respectable people, give them credibility.

A man used to go to university, get a job, marry his highschool sweetheart, raise a family and die a respected and upstanding citizen. Or a feared gangster. Whichever way you have it. He accomplished fame or achieved notoriety.

Came the new millenium, along with it came smart phones, Facebook, Twitter blogs, and texting vs. talking. Heck, there’s even sexting. This changed the way we think, act and dress. And I’d be hard pressed to explain why.

We’ve become a People- and I capitalize it because we’ve almost changed ourselves as a species- who feel like we are Somebodies (capital to denote extreme and unwarranted sense of self importance), because we’re more proficient with technology than the previous generation. Suddenly every kid straight out of college has “contacts” through extensive “social networking.” That leads some of them to believe they are artists  “making music.”  In the 90’s if you were someone who’s hit the big 3-0 with less than 10k in the bank and spent your day attempting to compose music, people told you to get a real job. Today you have a website and a bicycle along with a mac (and  skinny jeans, beard and ponytail) and you can call yourself whatever you want. Talent agent. Producer.  Businessman. Whatever.

We’ve techno-morphed into a People who don’t have the balls to make anything of ourselves. We simply are a People of who aren’t but think they are. The sad part is we know it. And we’re all to blame for it.

And the results can be- how shall I put it- odd. Disconcerting. Tragically comical. Just look at Dumbo. Or any other extremely artsy place. Everyone there has a business selling random crap that noone will ever want or need, let alone be able to identify. And the store and shop owners are never in their always empty stores.

Now I’m all for dreams and going for what you want out of life, but I sure hope that involves more than pretending to be cultured because you sell environmentally responsible…stuff.

And you aren’t a “small business owner” because you re-brand Grandma’s panties as vintage lingerie.

Besides, what ever happened to some good food? I understand the need for replacing greasy diners, but what’s wrong with a good old Chipotle’s? Why must every store sell organic whole wheat sandwiches with strange unrecognizable beverages to boot? Are we trying to be upscale? Is it the need to purchase the unrecognizable label that drives us to avoid good ol’ coke? Or perhaps drinking Perrier is no longer cultured enough? Too crass and un-artsy.

Getting back on topic, I don’t think this sad result of what seems to be an over involvement of technology in our already egotistical lives is the worst thing to have happened to our society, or lack thereof, because it allowed people to break the notion that success wears a suit and tie and works in a high-rise building in Manhattan. It allowed for true creativity to rise. Maybe.

This is a comment thread from Frum Satires blog on his recent post about religous people not liking animals…how it got to this I dunno.


It seems like there are frummies who get a university education, but hardly any of them “go to college”.

Part of “going to college” is the experience of getting to know people of different backgrounds. If you grow up in the insular Charedi community and then either take online classes or go to a college that’s mostly of your demographic (Touro, etc.) are you really preparing yourself for the real world?


Well, I suppose if you’re planning to stay within your insular community, then this path would prepare you for the real world you plan to live in… Right?


“Part of “going to college” is the experience of getting to know people of different backgrounds. ”

thats your definition. i would say the only reason to go to college is to make more money. thats why they go, they couldnt care less about getting to know other people and i cant help but respect an attitude where results is the only thing that matters.


You see, the fact that you even have that question as to what the definition of college is is problematic. Everyone needs to become integrated with society, have political and social debates and make close friends from diverse backgrounds. It all serves to create a well rounded individual. Take a look around, you see many people making millions who never went to college. I can spot them from a mile away! Many are closed minded, crass, and overall not liberal in the way they think. When I say liberal I refer to people who can think for themselves.


“You see, everyone needs to become integrated with society, have political and social debates and make close friends from diverse backgrounds.”
where do you come up with this stuff?
you must have political and social debates? its a must? if you dont then your somehow not a well rounded individual? huh?!! really?!
you realize how ridiculous you sound?
“overall not liberal in the way they think.”
so let me get this straight, if one is not liberal then he is closed minded and crass? wow, am i talking to a teenager?
i give up i dont even know where to start from, your just sad and are just repeating the same regurgitated garbage. think for yourself! stop talking! start thinking.


Nice rant buddy. I’m not saying these are the musts that create a well rounded individual. I’m saying these are things which can create a well rounded individual, and I personally find that people who have a well rounded education are somehow more polished. Unless of course they’re from Jersey in which case there simply is no hope.

As far as the liberal thinking, I don’t mean liberal vs. conservative. Perhaps liberal wasn’t the right word to use. I meant someone who can think for himself. As opposed to someone who thinks the way he was taught. You see those people are more prone to being closed minded. No matter how open minded they feel they may be, being brought up in one particular school of thought creates a feeling of always thinking the other person is wrong. Many of my friends who try to convince me to go “back on the path” are truly convinced that path is where I must be. They don’t stop to consider maybe the beliefs they have are wrong.

The more exposed one is to other cultures and people, the more diverse one’s social circle and educational background is, the more likely he or she will find themselves able to relate to the world at large. They may even feel part of the world at large, and can retain whatever religious beliefs they have, atop the well rounded individual underneath.

For fairness sake I added this rant for your reading.