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Just got home from a very long day went onto Facebook and a friend sent this to me and I’m not quite sure what to think…

So…were the religious people lying or not? Some people on YouTube seem to think they were pretending to be religious but I don’t agree – their heavy Flatbush accent gives them away.

The point where the Judge seems to be wrong is that a wig isn’t live hair so shampoo won’t fix that damage. The hair is dead, and I’m no expert on wigs but that wig seems to have been past the point of no return.

They do seem to be lying, though it could be she was wearing a long wig from another company and just got flustered. I certainly walked away with a bad taste in my mouth.

P.S. Just finished writing this and thought to check Frum Satire when I noticed Heshy Fried already did a piece on this one and in all likelihood my friend found it on his blog, but here it is anyway.


Went to a big Flatbush wedding recently. Lots of hockers, Hatzalah members and fully loaded Maximas. And of course lots of Flatbush sluts/future Hot Chanies. Funny how all the guys want to hook up with those girls, but yet call them sluts. What I noticed is how most of the people there seem to be more or less apathetic towards Judaism just keep up the pretenses just because.

And in many cases it isn’t just pretenses that they’re keeping up; many of those guys and girls actually do keep Shabbos and Kosher to some extent. And most of them will end up getting married before they hit 25 years of age continuing to raise another generation of apathetic Jews.

A friend of mine mentioned how he had spoken to his Dad, a prominent member of the orthodox community who would be considered “chilled” by many people. They were speaking about how he isn’t too religious anymore. He told his Dad “you don’t believe in half of this (religious) bullshit either! You’re a smart man!” His Dad responded “True, but still. And I also won’t let you use my car on Shabbos or the cellphone I pay for because it’s on my cheshbon”.

Hypocritical anyone? Or maybe the community has come to a point where everyone knows it’s all bullshit, or at least they have no interest in keeping it, yet it’s a cycle. Everyone keeps certain things, so they do to. It almost becomes fun, sort of a big brotherhood.

Yet somehow my Chabad friends, who keep less than the Flatbush crowd and dress not Yeshivish – are still living Judaism more. They feel very religious, mostly believe very strongly in it, and essentially are what religion should be – if there should be religion. Strange.