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I havent posted in a while. Reason being, in all honesty I’m less and less preoccupied with religion as time goes on. Maybe on a scale of one to ten put my preoccupation at a 3. New policy to all of you would be kiruv workers. Shhhh, cuz I don’t want to hear your voice. Ok thank you very much.

As some of you may know a statue of Jesus recently was struck by lightning. Not just any statue but a 6 story one. Either way I’d just like to offer my opinion on the matter. Yes, because you all asked. Well, no, you didn’t but you’re on my blog so either get off or stop complaining. Geez! This statue, It’s just standing there minding it’s own business when suddenly its life is brutally ended. Now some of you make think it’s funny. After all you’re Jewish and he’s Jesus, so its mad comical, right? Almost like Jesus having an identity crisis. Thing is, to many people he’s really special. Now I don’t want to get into a whole debate over what he is etc. but the point is if to many people he’s special, then he ought to be afforded the respect of one whom others respect. And who am I to judge who Jesus is? I never claim to know with any degree of certainty what the truth is.

Ok this post is really odd. Or awkward as some people say. I dunno why it just is. I sort iof feel like I had a baby but he was badly deformed. So I will shut up and get back to my job. Albert Einsteins kitteh says hi.