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It was only a matter of  time before some Rabbi blamed the Tsunami and Nuclear disasters in Japan on someone not eating kosher in Brooklyn….

Here goes:

“Rabbi David Twersky, leader of the Rachmastrivka Hasidic dynasty, says the recent tsunami in Japan, which has left thousands of people dead, was the result of the arrest of two yeshiva students by Japanese authorities after being convicted of smuggling drugs.

“The Japanese don’t understand why they keep on receiving blow after blow, and it never ends. If they want it to stop, they must release the two guys jailed in their prison immediately, and then experience salvation,” the rabbi told his followers last week during a Purim celebration in Jerusalem.

Haredi website Ladaat reported that the Rebbe asked for the names of the two jailed men and said a prayer for their immediate release. “Amen,” the audience responded.

The Purim tish (Photo: Aharon Baruch Leibovitch,

The yeshiva students were arrested in an airport in Japan in April 2008, in possession of a suitcase with some 90,000 Ecstasy tablets. The detainees’ lawyers claimed at the time that the young men were victims of a ‘sting’ and were tempted with money, but the two were convicted the following year.

One of the detainees, a minor, was sentenced to eight years in prison, and Israel submitted a request to have him transferred back to the country.

The Rachmastrivka Hasidic dynasty is one of the biggest and most famous Hasidisms, with thousands of followers and many affiliates. It has two centers – one in Jerusalem and one in Borough Park, New York.

Ahead of the Hasidic celebration last week, huge screens were placed near the Torah study house in Jerusalem, and the tish was broadcast live due to the density inside the building.”

My thoughts: Many in the religious world reverted ethically and morally back to the dark ages when we began placing too much trust in rabbis. Immorality isn’t solely based on the length of a woman’s skirt; it’s about respecting other people as equals. Placing value on the heads of two Yeshiva students to the point where he can suggest the death of thousands is punishment…well that Rabbi has issues, and I pity him, and thousands like him.


Secular Music and Its Genius

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Life Musings
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Jewish music has always been a few years behind the rest of the world in sound and style. Boy bands had their hayday a decade ago with the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. The Chevra pulled a poor copycat act as Justin Timberlake finally went solo. When I was growing up my family always listened to the more traditional stuff like Regesh, Dveikus, Mona Rosenblum and such. Only later did Shwekey come in, and even then my dad wasn’t too fond of some of his stuff, calling it too “goyish.” (I HATE that word!)

You see, my dad was an old-timer and always said music was meant to either uplift a person, or cause them to become meditative, thoughtful and repentant. My cousins convinced their dad that music can be just for entertainment, and more “rocky” music, as was called the more contemporary sounding stuff, was okay. No longer were the Chevra, Shloimy Dachs, Gad Elbaz, Chaim Israel and others considered evil by my uncle.

Yet my Dad held his ground. He still would make grossly exaggerated movements to the latest from Nochum Seigel’s station mocking the “animalistic nature” of the songs. His Rabbi told him that all songs with Strings were completely harmless, songs with wind instruments could go either way, and songs that use drums to do anything more than keep the beat were simply animistic and designed to make you move. The Rabbi said and that even the greatest Hassidic Rabbis adopted songs from famous composers known to be immoral people, but because it was all classical, the intention of the composer did not mater. Go figure.

To him music had to move you closer to God. In one way or another you had to walk away from the song feeling uplifted, wistful or the like.

When the day came that I began listening to normal music as a middle aged teen, I obviously noticed a different style of music. The mixing and arrangements were far more complex, and the recording usually far better quality. Obviously there are songs designed to be as sexual in nature as possible, and there are songs that are about life, about love and about anything else that the artist has on their minds.

Every song is different. Some are meant for pleasant listening, others to let out some anger, others to calm you down, to comfort, to celebrate, or to get hormones going.

And some downright suck.

While it’s true that many Jewish songs are beautiful, there are also many normal songs just as moving, if not more. But that’s besides the point. Because being moved by a slow song is not the only artistic value to music. Intrinsic musical genius is not limited to the harmonious symphony of 60 violins. Musical genius can transcend the actual music and can be determined by what the music DOES for you.

Which brings me right back to where my dad was. Except the problem is he didn’t understand that entertainment DOES something for you.

Heavy metal is just as artistic, in the sense that it can fill you with an emotion you may not have been feeling. Club music can hype you up for a night out. Oldies can be perfect for an afternoon working on your car and drinking beer. They all have artistic value in ways that I think my father and many others like him never saw and probably never will see.

Introducing the Foreskins!

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I don't wanna know where their other hands are...

My friend started a new band called “The Foreskins” and figured I’d give you guys a sneak peak to the song titles of his new album “Pedophile in The Shteeble”. The titles came (!) to him when in a flash of sheer genius he blurted these out. As they say, there isn’t a genius without a “touch” of madness…pun intended. :p

1. Stroke the Beard

2. Chap the Rebbe’s Tish (Under the Rebbe’s Tish?)

3. Mikva Tance

4. Under the Bekeshe

5. Shake My Lulav

6.Tzvai Kreplach

7. Touched By A Rabbi

8. Matzah Ball Sandwich

9. Foreskin Gemach

10. Gay Shlufen

11. Placenta Inda Cholent

12. Blow My Shofer

This pic has nothing to do with the was just too awesome not to post it!

Ever heard the expression “foot in mouth”? This guy has his foot stuffed in there. The whole goddam thing.

Here is an article from I came across. Words cannot be sufficient in pointing out the authors blatant ignorance and utter stupidity, so instead I’ll show the areas in red where he makes sure to clearly let us know just how cult-like he sounds. I’ll add my comment in blue.

By Elisha Ferber,

I address this to readers for their thoughts on the ever disturbing trend of kids in our communities going off the derech.

There is a misnomer, I believe, when it comes to analyzing the trend of kids going off the derech. I have heard many people, including so-called educators and some commenters on, claim that the more sheltered children are, the more prone they are to go off the derech. I agree that there are people who are driving kids off the derech. These are the people – to take one recent example – who are telling girls not to wear makeup on their wedding day (see the story from yesterday here These are the people who prefer to forbid everything in sight, as opposed to presenting Yiddishkeit as the beautiful lifestyle it is. (It is? Or can be?) There are people and yeshivos that aren’t recognizing the needs of our kids and responding appropriately to them. (No shit, Watson!) There are those who just don’t get it.

But then there are those who do. We do have people who are sterling role models and can imbue our kids with the right message and attitude (The right one, if only life would be that easy.) My nephew was fortunate to attend the Philadelphia Yeshiva where he witnessed the hanhagos of the rosh hayeshiva, Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, and his son, Rav Shalom Kamenetsky. His father always told him, “Watch Rav Shmuel, and watch Rav Shalom. These are the people you should try to emulate. They are true representations of Torah and what Hashem wants us to be.” (They for sure know what God wants)

But I digress, dear readers.

Getting back to kids going off the derech… I have heard so many times that it’s the “yeshivishe” kids who go off the derech. (Others say it’s the chassidishe kids, but I will not comment on that, because, being Litvish myself, I have limited knowledge of the trends in thechassidishe kehillos.)

To be clear, the claim that yeshivishe kids go off the derech more than, say, Modern Orthodox kids do is simply misleading for numerous reasons. The main reason is because those who go off thederech do what any Modern Orthodox kid does “beheter.”

A good friend of mine, a social worker of our community, attended a conference of Orthodox therapists. She was surprised to learn that problems with off-the-derech kids are much, much worse in Modern Orthodox communities. Whereas our unhappy boys mostly rebel by wearing colored shirts and sneakers, or even going to the malls or the movies, the Modern Orthodox kids aren’t satisfied until they’ve sunken into drugs and more. (Because wearing colored shirts and – gasp – sneakers, is a gross sin) And you know what those kids, who were raised on TV, unlimited internet, etc., say to their therapists? That their parents were so terribly restrictive, so fanatical and old-fashioned, that they had no choice but to rebel.

Of the very few yeshivish or chassidish off-the-derech kids who went all the way, so to speak, with chillul Shabbos and tarfos r”l and otheraveiros chamuros, most did teshuvah after a few years and settled down on a Modern Orthodox level or came back all the way (MO isn’t ALL THE WAY enough for them. You have to wear shoes and white shirts to be fully religious.) One reason is because they’re unequipped to deal with the world out there. I’d say that at least 90% of them are kids from broken homes or boys with learning disabilities that weren’t adequately addressed. Their secular education is almost non-existent and they’re not smart enough to get ahead. So they come back to our communities. (Read: We know that the only way to keep children from becoming secular is to make sure they are unequipped to deal with the real world, and have no choice to return to the cult called Yeshivish Judaism.)

A smart kid from a good home in our communities going off-the-derech is almost unheard of. (Because it isn’t Judaism itself that’s flawed, it always needs to be blamed on something else.) Can it happen? Yes. But it is rare. The overall off-the-derech rate is a small percentage. Granted, every boy who leaves our path is one too many, but in the vast majority of cases, their rebellion stemmed from a family problem, a learning disability, abuse, or something of that sort.

So when we discuss the issue of teens at risk and kids going off thederech, let’s keep this all in perspective. (ignorance is bliss).

{ Newscenter} (News is objective. An opinion column is subjective. My blog isn’t news. Apparently neither is

I’m sitting here in my bed listening to some amazing recordings of Kol Nidrei Chazzanus that Heshy Fried posted.  I find myself both nostalgic and sad. Regardless of the validity of Judaism, it is certainly beautiful at times.

I have just watched a documentary on air travel, and I find my mind to be floating in the memories of LA travel as a kid. LA to me was always a place where I was able to feel the echoes of Judaism as it was in the 1940’s, 50’s 60′ and 70’s. Not the black and white clad version where Rabbi’s with long beards attempted- rather successfully- in pulling Judaism back into the dark ages of the Shtetl, but rather the echoes of the massive shuls of the 40’s we had after the war, and the Hebrew Day School types that thrived in out of town commuities before the term out of town was coined.

Perhaps that feeling was brought out by being in my grandparent’s home there, where seeing my grandparents,  normal people who happened to be Jewish and older people, connected me in some weird way to the Jews of yesteryear. Sadly my grandfather changed, as he aged he too got influenced by the yeshivish movement and became slightly more closedminded.

Listening to Kol Nidrei now just added to the feeling that the Yeshivish world, in an attempt to authenticate Orthodoxy, lost Judaism. The culture and refinement that infused so much inspiration into Judaism of the 60’s, and added so much glory, it itself was perhaps an anchor that kept many clinging to it. Perhaps that glory itself gave meaning to Judasim in a way that debating over minute laws of tying shoes and enforcing self created dress codes cannot possibly accomplish.

And perhaps being raised in a home where my mom grew up with day schools and can still appreciate the refined side of Judaism, the side where culture infiltrates, has allowed me to not completely disassociate myself with them.

The Mashgiach’s Secret Life

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He woke up at 4am. Thirty minutes until he walked out his front door. He had to get dressed, shower and eat breakfast. He carefully put on his tzitzis making sure to leave them hanging out his black pants.
Breakfast he ate quickly and ran out to begin his days adventures.

First was the ride to his place of employment. He worked as the Mashgiach in a kitchen. Known at work as Rabbi ———  he would sit in his corner and observe the goings on to ensure everything was according to halacha. Although he was very young his appearance was that of a learned yeshiva bachur. After all, the only way he got the job was because they assumed he was Yeshivish. Only religious people can be trusted as a Mashgiach.

Came yom kippur. He showered, got dressed and ate the meal before the fast with his family. He left his house as his family went to shul for kol nidrei. he headed his car and drove to the movies. Got some popcorn and coke. Watched a few movies and went home in time for sunrise.

Went home, ate breakfast and went to sleep. Woke up and “broke his fast” with the family. Ready for another week at his job as a Mashgiach. If only they knew…

I know this guy well – he really exists.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m surrounded by people who are about as delusional as delusional can be. This contractor was just in my house, Jewish guy, as he’s leaving he gives one of those pseudo-sighs and starts babbling about how moshiach is on his way it must be! Quoted some Rabbi who supposedly has a direct line to God who said “Moshiach is closer than you may think”. Something about there being so much death in the world, it can only mean he’s coming. My mom agreed and nodded in agreement.

In 1939 they said the same thing! 1492, Crusades, Inquisition! They all said Moshiach was coming then. He hasn’t come.  My mom responded ” but hopefully that was the chevlei moshiach and out grandparents died because of that”. The contractor answered, “Do you believe Moshiach is coming? Well, then we have to prepare!”

I burst out laughing. Hasn’t ANYONE ever told these people Santa was fake?! Poor deprived guy. I’m not saying definitively whether he does or doesn’t exist. I’m saying to cling to the thought he is coming with such conviction, when in fact he doesn’t know for sure is childish.

His then went onto the economy being bad. Firstly, tough shit. I also have no money. Secondly ever heard of the Great Depression?? He insisted today is worse. “In the 1930’s the economy was bad, and it became good. Today we don’t know what’s going on!” Yea, hindsight is always 20/20. My mom said something about it being bad globally, but in the 30’s it was only in the US. Never new the Messiah was so picky.

It could be his life is hard and this is what gives him hope, but to tell others about your fantasy is kinda weird. Almost like he’s trying to convince me. He was spouting on automatic. Spouting. Like a robot repeating stuff.

He sounded like a desperate man trying to say “but he IS real isn’t he? Right?” Like he knew it’s bullshit but, clinging onto the fairytale of his fantasy he remains steadfast in what he made into his belief. Like that’ll convince me.

While I’m on the topic of the evils of drinking I figured I’d make a list of different scenarios in which different people have a drink…or two…or ten.

1. Yeshiva Guy Headline Whore:

Age: 10-19

Favorite Activity: smoking and talking about the time Yanky’s older brother beat up a goy. Oh, and he also likes to brag about how long it takes his Yeshiva to get through an amud gemara.

Drink of Choice: alcohol. Doesn’t matter what type, he barely knows a beer from a kettel one with 3 limes.

Time of Drinking: Purim and by his brother Yerucham’s siyum. He finished gantz seder nashim! (can’t blame him- must’ve gotten sick of cows goring fat pregnant chics, figured he’d get into some steamy girl stories. With Rabbi’s students getting off under their Rabbi’s bed watching him fuck his wife. Nasty. But I’ll parody the different gemara stuff another post.

Most likely to be wearing: The younger guys: Nike sneakers, dark dockers and a polo- maybe ralph Lauren, more likely Tommy or maybe even Hollister for the realll cool guys.

Older guys: white shirt, tzitzis, black pants and huge yarmulka. hat and jacket goes without saying. Or maybe not, if he’s a hocker.

Motive: Bragging rights. Heck, maybe he’ll get into the Yated for landing himself in the hospital.

2. Oiveid Hashem:

Age: 14-40

Favorite activity: The fact that your even asking vos ich hub leeb tzu tun, is mamesh a geferlecheh chillul hashem! The only thing vos a yeshiva man want, the most important zach i deh velt vus mir ken tun, iz tzu lernen der eibeshters heiligeh heligeh torah ayayayy…

Drink of Choice: wine or schnapps.

Time of Drinking: Purim is the only time a year that ah mentch is shayach to reach the kedusha oof Yom Kippur! And even better vibalt it’s durch simcha! Nichnas yayin yatzah soid! Ah! Moiiiiredig! Chayav inish livisoomay bipoorayah ad diloh yada! And the Mitzvah is only with wine…

Also noch davening shabbos morning at the kiddush, a shot or two of bourbon never hurt anyone…

Most likely to be wearing: wrinkled white shirt, black shiny dress pants and mismatched black jacket. Dusty used-to-be-black but turned grey brimmed down hat. Shoes scuffed and ugly.

Motive: Ah mentch darf nisht hubben ah ta’am far deenin der eibeshter.

3. Dude in Israel for Shana Alef or Bet:


Favorite activity: Depending on which Yeshiva he went to (also for another post) either going to Zolly’s and getting blowjobs in the bathroom or fucking the shit out of the yeshivish looking sem girl in his dorm room. But they’ll always be sure not to get caught…might ruin the chics shidduch chances. Ha- that slut will be wearing short shorts and tank tops within 6 weeks of getting back from Israel.

Drink of Choice: Hooka. Oh, its not a drink? Well some pot in the hooka mixed with some vodka redbull ain’t too bad a deal.

Time of Drinking: best is straight out of bed, after you manage to push her off you and realize you have a pounding headache and no memories of how or when you ordered pizza. And why it’s moldy is another question, for another time. And best thing for a hangover as they say is more beer. Can’t hurt, that’ for sure. Usually warm beer from a half drunk can which probably was last touched by the lips of the girl you just climbed out from under. And shes also the cause of all that goddam itching. Good luck brotha!

Most likely to be wearing:

Option 1: Baggy khakhis, rumpled t-shirt, naots.

Option 2: Jeans, untucked american eagle shirt, naots.

Option 3: Black pants, used to be starched untucked white shirt and crocs, probably dark in color. Or maybe bright orange. Depends- on what? I dunno.

Motive: survival, buddy, survival.

4. Post Israel Barely Religious Dude

I like ti call these guys Frum But Not Religious. They don’t keep anything but still go places for shabbos and eat at mainly kosher establishments even tho they’ll be using their cell phones on shabbos and have bacon egg and cheese on the way to Atlantic City if they somehow missed stopping at Dunkin on 18th.

Age: 20-24

Favorite Activity: Titties. And don’t tell me that’s not an activity. Better than Christmas!

This guy drinks alot:

Time of drinking, drink of choice and motive: A. House party, flat beer from a keg and jack and coke, getting with the drunk slut. Read drunk slut in the plural form. As in when I talk  to 300 ppl at once and say “you”. And btw who the fuck said there has to be a motive??

B. Club, Vodka cranberry orange juice, getting with- well anything that moves and has boobs. Cuz most guys end up paying through the roof for those drinks, unless they have a hookup ( I know I do, many actually :p) so they must be desperate at that point. Like my friend said- fat chics are great for one thing- giving great blowjobs, well cuz they know how to eat!

C. Hooka bar: don’t get me started.

Most likely to be wearing: Fitted t or nice shirt. Jeans, brown pointy shoes with dragon designs on the front.

5. Post Party Day Ex Yeshiva Rebel:

Age: 25-30

Favorite Activity: Making money. Loads of money. And then some.

Time of Drinking: After work on random nights at high end hotel bars where they play soft music and in the movies some hooker always sits down and with the look of a shrewd business woman, softly whispers something in his ear while her hand…I’m getting carried away, dammit.

Drink of Choice: Scotch on the rocks. Something golden in a nice glass should do the trick.

Motive: so much stress can only be relieved one way…

Most likely to be wearing: Armani suit, shirt and dress shoes. And if he used to be satmar….he probably still has his bluetooth in…

K so here I am. First day at my new job. And no it wasn’t that post I wrote about my boss. Glad to be done there.

8 am.

Gotta wear my goddam yarmulka- owner is my dads student – thinks I’m religious- really annoying.  I walk in the quiet frum guy walks up to me. Points me over to my new desk and tells me Jonathan – the guy showing me around will be in soon. I wait. Get the code to unlock the computer. Surf the web. Check out the history. No porn. So far so ….good? Definitely a huge Frum Satire fan. Then some rebels something or other jackets. Seems like my predecessor was either some type of Hells Angels dude or he just likes those type of clothes. I’ll find out when he gets here.

8:40 am.

Woman walks in. Not sure of she’s religous or not. She certainly thinks I am. She doesn’t offer her hand. This is just too awkward. Fuck it- ill just offer my hand. This is so silly. When’s the last time I thought about shaking a girls hand?! Wtf.

So the guys was supposed to be hear by 9. I’m still waiting. No sweat. Another dude who looks like life passed him by- he’s only 35-40 walks in. I’d say names Kalman or something. Probably has a fat wife with 3 kids under age 5. This is gonna be interesting. Hopefully ill get my headshots b4 october so I can start auditioning and balance out all this intense religion that just burst onto the SCENE I call life. Its really hot in here. Not sure if its the sun shining on me or the fact that the AC is set wrong. Fuck. I’m tired- I just got back from AC last nite. I’m also hungry- I didn’t eat anything yet.

9:30 am.

Jonathan’s here. Not goth. At all. Ok good. Maybe I’m too judgmental. Its in my blood. Anyway he has to go to Brooklyn for business stuff. I go along. Religion comes up in conversation. Says something about being himself and hugging the girls in the office just because its funny to see everyone’s reaction. I definitely hear that one!

Then- No, I’m not religious. Yes I know I’m wearing a kippa.

Lifes a bitch. Shudda just walked in without it. Or maybe not.

We see a guy on the platform. I immediately try to guess his life story- which yeshiva, where he lives, shomer or not religous level etc. Like I said I’m a judgmental bastard. Yeshiva education- what can I do. And, no my Rabbi didn’t touch me. Surprising, I know. Guess I wasn’t good enough for him.

Then here comes the weird part. I tell Jonathan that I have a blog called Kissmeimshomer, because he mentioned something about Frum Satire. He tell me he has a friend, lets call her Rachel (shout out!). This friend is an avid Frum Satire reader. He says he must call her because she must know who I am. OK.

He calls her. Tells her he’s hanging out with me. She said something like “How’d you manage that??!” (put in high pitched scream here- nah I kid, she wasn’t that excited. I’m defintely blowing this up.) She said she wouldnt know what to say to me, well neither would I. Know what to say to her, that is. So we spoke. I must say it  was a weird feeling to have a complete stranger kind of recognize me. I like. I think I am gonna pursue this acting thing after all. ( which, BTW I am already doing. Great coach- email me for his info.)


We get back to the office. Shit- looks like there’s a MINCHA MINYAN at 2. Damn. Gotta go fake davening- just like everyone else in the room…. and move on. Jonathan shows me gum. Ok…I’ll have one…?  Oh he was trying to say he eats not kosher gum. I hadn’t realized it was the brand he was showing me, not the gum. My bad. He’s a great guy, very modern orthodox but very purposeful about it. If it were possible to convince him that being a hardcore chassid was the truth he’d do it no matter how hard it is. None of that I don’t give a shit thing we  ex faker yeshivish ppl have in us. But no worries- it isn’t possible. And not cuz being chassidish isn’t the truth, although that certanly is a true statement, but because- well you gotta know Jonathan.


Oh ya then there’s the kosher food cooked by the local rabbis wife. Ya sounds like I work in Massapequa. wherever that is. But one never knows, even NYC can have a local  rabbi. Whose wife makes a mean Schnitzel.

Some woman who reminds me of the woman our yeshiva used to employ mentions that its good I’m getting told all the important stuff. Ok…but it is good to know where to get Kosher, well if you kinda gotta keep up the image of a semi nice Jewish boy.

Which I’m not. Nice, that is.


About to leave. Boss calls me over we chat for a while. Nice guy seems to know what he’s doing. We go outside and he shows me around . Not bad. There’s certainly room to move in this company and it could be kinda cool. Time will tell.

So here’s the moral dilemma of the day. Well I’m not seriously considering this, or maybe I am. Not sure. Let me describe my family for a second to give you some background.

My dad’s an intense personality. As one of his friends, my former Rabbi, once told me that he knows my parents to be not necessarily the most yeshivish people he knows, but definitely the most frum.

My mom’s more open minded, having grown up in day schools. She became more yeshivish as the years went on, especially after my oldest sister got married. That’s when Yinglish expressions became part of her daily vernacular to some extent or another – it’s still funny to hear it from her.

A year back when I was still somewhat religious and they had no idea where I was up to, she always told me I can go work and she doesn’t think that me learning is a greater fulfillment of who I am, considering that I am more than just someone who knows how to learn (gee thanks Mom- permission to go to work). She told me my dad’s someone who sees potential as a black and white thing- ie) you can learn well, so go learn!  She mentioned to me how he didn’t see a person as a whole with other issues and interests etc.

Looking at it from another side of things she definitely believes in the life she leads- which is a good thing- but she definitely is one of those people that believes her way is correct to the exclusion of other ways. When I mentioned at one point that I would eat fish at a regular bar (at that point either I had been partially keeping kosher or wasn’t but didn’t care to share) her reaction was one of  “c’mon, stop being so immature.” So she’s very much in that world but somewhat knowledgeable of the normal world. Somewhat.

My sister- well I already told you all you need to know about her. My other sister’s as yeshivish as her except more open minded. My brothers-in-law are super yeshivish – kind of like their wives.

The issue at hand is my little sister. She’s preteen. Well she SHOULD be preteen considering she’s 12. She should be headed off to her Disney concerts and be fighting for or against Team Edward. Or maybe she’d be into the whole goth thing. Who knows.

She’s a miniature version of my oldest sister. She’s got that whole holier-than-thou tznius thing going on. Probably never spoke to a boy her age who isn’t related to her, and has never seen a movie. If I put on the radio while driving her somewhere she gives me a look and laughs, not as if she’s uncomfortable with the music I’m listening to, but more like she doesn’t quite understand why “goyish” music is on. I can almost see her trying to figure out why her brother has music on that she only hears in Sears or from the workers doing construction at our house. Now the shit they play in Sears NEVER comes out of my speakers. Try telling her that. To her it’s all lumped together. Yeshivish vs Goyim.

I was driving her to a friend a few months back on my way to help a friend study for her test. She asked where I was going. I told her. Her response? ” HER test???!!” She can’t fathom anything other than her small narrow world. Unlike most girls in Brooklyn who are somewhat aware of the world out there, my sister is completely and wholly in the dark.

And it’s even moving on to the next generation. My oldest sisters 4 year old boy asked me why I was wearing gray pants. Charcoal gray suit pants, mind you.

So, here’s the dilemma:

Do I corrupt my little sister or not?

No, corrupt is the wrong word. Do I sit back and watch my little sister follow in her older sister’s strange footsteps, or do I find some way to make her slightly more normal.

I’m not talking about becoming not religious. Just to let her know about the world of religious people in the NY area who are far more – what’s the right word- open minded? I have plenty of religious friends who are quite normal thank you very much. She just never gets to meet that crowd. So yes or no?

And if so, how?

Would love to hear from everyone. Just remember, I didn’t actually say I’m doing it. Just sayin.