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December Short Film

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Short Films
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This short is powerful.

December from 328 Stories on Vimeo.


I’m beginning to post short films which I find to be striking and well done, both from an actor’s standpoint, as well as cinematically.

This particular film I stumbled across on Shorts Bay, and while it can almost be mistaken as softcore porn,  it’s more of an amazing portrayal of love, without using any dialogue.


Description on Shorts Bay:

“ON TOP – Iceland, a lighthouse, a cold winter evening. Her thoughts drift back to that summer … to bathing in the hot springs … to when they first met … and embraced.

DOWN UNDER – Australia, the desert, a blistering heat wave. His pickup stops at an icehouse … he lays the blocks neatly on the buckboard … and drives off haunted by a aching memory.

Without dialogue or comment, save for verses from a sonnet by John Keats, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson links the thoughts, the emotions, the sensual longing of young lovers at opposite ends of the world. A tone poem, a collage of sight and sound.”